I hope that you are having a happy Birthday! I wanted to let you know you are loved, and missed.

Most days it does not seem real. I know that you exist- I read about your exploits, I see your regal visage on your statue, I hear your name often. There are many that ask of you, and I usually tell them to ask Father Philip to learn more.

Do not mistake me- we had a divine connection, one that cannot be denied. I know that if you survive we will be together. It just all seems so surreal. You are Indaris of CrIsis, scion of Isis! I am merely a woman learning how to be a priestess of Horus. You are legendary, wielder of Oathbringer, and I tell people about the Obelisk of Osiris. My biggest battles are learning the book of Ma’at, and you have been to Ma’ip.

I just hope that all of this does not change you. There was a distance as you quickly passed through, and I hope that it can be bridged. I worry that I will not recognize you, that the connection will be gone. Or worse, that I will be Mary, alone and lost.

Most of all, I miss you. Write to me soon! I hate that this came off depressing- I am so ashamed! Hope there is fun amongst all the danger, and know you are loved….


Sent through his holiness U’Selekma.

Picture from our own AZ Rune.


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