Bizantium Pyramids are Safe

Captain Mack-

Does this mean something bad has happened to my dear Overkill’s replacement, the Minotaur Xerx’ses? I sincerely hope not!

You did not include the date, nor the sketch from my fellow priest, Indaris (please say hello to him, he seemed a genuinely great man, very devout, and a master of prayer), but I will relate what I know.

Overkill’s cousin, Cora Glandar, has communicated with the priests of the Pyramids in Lyrna, Inner Cadeth, and Gate Fort, and all 3 are still standing, and in the hands of the Light.

Lyrna you may not be familiar with. It is a small colony of Bizantium located on the Dragon’s Claw established by missionaries of the Church of Light. There is a Pyramid there!

I repeat my warning, in case Xerx’ses was slain and you did not receive my previous Missive.

”I also write to warn you- a heavy price has been placed on CrIsis head. You are wanted for slaying the King, and piracy, and other charges that frankly make me laugh- but a million Bizantium gold is worth a lot!!

Continue for the memory of Overkill, and for the love of Minischmee!

Be Careful everywhere- Slayers are in all Countries! Be especially wary if you venture North again. There is danger anywhere here except the two Pyramids themselves!

You will find people loyal to you in the Shadow Colonies- but be wary of double agents. Bizantium has blockaded the bay, so you will have to find your way through the Northern Hinterlands.”

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance from my gilded prison at the Pyramid at Sinza. It was truly good to hear from another member of CrIsis!

Sent by the former Duchess of Bizantium, Priestess of Isis, Cristine Vega on the 4th of Thoth, in what should be the 2nd year of King Minischmee.

Pyramid picture from Starry1night

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