Book Five Is Published

CrIsis is Redeemed – I Hope

CrIsis and Cava,

I apologize for the delay in publishing your fifth account, “CrIsis Changing.” The Church’s publishing arm was in the process of printing up a new run of the Book of Ma’at, and this year’s Almanac of Light and Dark, so your book was delayed. It is to be released today across all of the Eastern Territories! If you are still there, please pick up a copy- it is too big to send by pigeon.

The book should be released in Timiro in time for the Festival of Ra, and in the Western Empire on the day of the Festival of the Pantheon of Ra!

If you still think a pamphlet is necessary, I will get one together. Also, I have compiled the next works so that Book Six will be ready once sales drop on the new book. It will cover from Chip’s Ahoy to Let’s Talk. As always, I will let you know when I am considering releasing it, to not endanger your lives.

If good Terramore is with you, I might suggest letting him speak for you. His reputation for negotiating the political waters rivals the legendary Rod Rambler, ha ha….

Always your servant and friend,

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