Boons? Go Boom!

Master of Weavers, Not Messenger

Dear Xerx’ses, Weaver Member-

I will not forward anything to an unknown Tart! As far as the coin, please send a note through either Gold Coast or Karowyn’s. I know that you are new to this- that is how it is done! You will have to find a way to deliver the coins to the hive of villainy in Troker. I doubt highly that any temple could last long there, regardless of the kingly sum sent!

Speaking of how it is done, you must know where you are going to use the Teleport spell! So just teleporting into one of the most dragon-riddled Lands would not be advisable! Especially with Wooly Dragons! I am sure many of them are fighting over the carcass!

Jidian Kulder himself showed up to help you! You are truly blessed by the Gods! He and his Legion are good friends of the Guild! The Weaver known as Hobe Bygone just spent some time here, and gave quite a donation!

There is a little known spell that I would be happy to teach you that does allow the switch of skill. Please feel free to come to the Guild, and we will share time and knowledge. DO NOT share the Temple Leap spell with anyone! It is ancient knowledge, and should not become available to your enemies!

While I appreciate your wish to share knowledge of your travails, I am not a bard. You are best keeping your missives to the designated writer of the books. I am saddened by the loss of the great Rod Rambler as your scribe. I am sure the sales of your tales will suffer.

Be well, young Weaver!
Kel-ed, master weaver.
Sent on the 12th of Grekar, in the 343rd year of the Great Dominion of the Eastern Territories.

Picture from Hallucination Walker.

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