Bow Before Me

Save Me the Time…

Ovkral Glandar,

and all of those that consider themselves part of the poorly named group that serves the wrong side….
Sent on the third anniversary of the first member of CrIsis that took his rightful place alongside the great Anubis upon their Death.

You all should save yourself the pain and suffering that you, and all that you care for, and give yourself to me….

For I shall win! You have already lost! I have no qualms in calling you to me! Wait only 3 days- if you have not surrendered, the dwarf will be lost. All of you shall follow!!! I send this only to the longest serving, for you know of the trials that all the rest have suffered! Each shall suffer greater tortures, in order, if you do not all give yourself to me! Suffer not despair, but give yourself to the winning side, for we shall triumph!

The Agent on behalf of the god Bes!



Picture from the great Shepard Fairey.

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