Brothers Etrinan

| Reader Note: Xerx’ses send 17 copies of this missive.
| 8 in the cardinal directions for Zeelik Stonemace
| 8 in the cardinal directions for Mergerij
| Plus 1 more to Troker for Zeelik.

To my brother Zeelik and good Mergerij I bring horrible news,

Groun’na has become evil, he stormed our home with those that sided with him. Master Aesyl, the librarian is the only one to survive. He has captured Rostam and he’s murdered our mother Darakh’zan. Mergerij your parents are dead as well! Everyone else that stayed behind is dead slaughtered by Groun’na and his band of thugs and they’ve looted everything!!! I have burned the bodies on funeral pyres to prevent him or the *Loijurkan Tribe* from raising the dead or the desecrating them in any other way.

If you can track them down you may be able to save Rostam for they mean to sell him to servants of Anubis on a place called Çynopolis, which I am told is in the sea of Scarlet Waters toward the west of Troker!

>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,

Spread out over the 21st through 26th of Thoth the year 111. <<<

Bloody Knife from Morgan Whitney.

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