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Dear Azariel and CrIsis

You are known to my lord, the famous Slayer of Mountains, mage above all others. In fact, he has allowed me to make an appointment for you! Come to the Palace of Caer Itom, weaponless, by the end of the month of Set. Ask for me, Bondrake Earthseeker. I am available after lunch until sunset on second day (Tuesday) for appointment making.

You will be fully searched, as is customary, before entering the palace. If you hold any items of a magical nature or any weapons you will be asked to surrender them, and pay the requisite fines.

This note is sent to Azariel, as he is the only mage of CrIsis that is allowed in that the Slayer is familiar with. Only slaves of the approved races can also accompany him, as well as Indaris the Priest and Caminata the Druid. Remember, shapechanging is not allowed within Palace grounds!

My master will of course require proof of your identities, given to me, before entry into his presence.

Bondrake Earthseeker
Most trusted of the Slayer

Picture by the great Keith Parkinson.

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