Caer Itom And Springgate

Pretty Buildings, Heavy Hearts

Dear Boss Elf,

So, sure enough, Father Lamriel is missing. During one of his many trips to the Middle Kingdoms he was kidnapped- the Emperor blames the upstart Middle Kingdoms, they of course blame him. Meanwhile, I am supposed to tell the ‘great members of CrIsis‘ (I guess that now includes you- scoff) that he is missing, and a request to help. Just passing the message on- don’t blame the messenger!

On a more positive note I am now writing you from the lovely town of Springgate. The pyramid is ziggurat in style, like the one in Shandala, but this one is constructed of white marble! Magnificent! Yes, and finished- seems the Gods were busy assisting on this one- it was erected in a day, witnesses say. This spice town has just received a literal gift from the Gods! You should be warned- this is a very religious town, and while most of that is good, as it is a stronghold of the Pantheon of Ra, they don’t much like those that get their magic from being a priest or a warlock….

The priest thanked me, and paid double! So, heading off to the Woodlands equipped with new weapons! Will write you if I have not heard back in a month.

Fare thee well, wherever you may fare!

>>Pigeon sent Ra 24th, in the 22nd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, from Nipshanks, former Janissary of the army of the Western Empire, Acolyte of Osiris. <<
Picture from David Edwards.

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