Can the Mountain Forget the Sky?

Dearest Katherine,

I am the lowest of all men. I am unworthy of one such as you, though I still hope to be loved by you. You are the sun in the sky after a moonless night. And like the sun you can burn as well as comfort. Your love shades me, but your anger…

I continue to worship our goddess, and continually think of the chains you promised me. There is no greater moment of control than when you cede control to your partner. I have done so many times in the past for you, as you have done for me.

I would think that after all those years together you would no longer question my motives, but I understand. I worry myself about your loss, but more I worry about mine. Not that I would ever leave you willingly, but it is the unwilling removal from your presence, the removal that has already occurred, that strikes me the hardest.

If I am able, I will return to you, however changed by this process I become. Before the end of this mission, I promise that I will drag my team to Caer Itom, and we will visit your temple.

Keep shining, my sun. This darkness will not last forever.

Yours, in all my love,


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