Choose Wisely Cousin

14th of Selestra

Two shadowy figures are hiding upon a ridge high above Southwatch. They are lying under heavy camouflage and only a tube of far-seeing can barely been seen from the hide. They are only using hand communication, one watching, and the other making notes on small pieces of parchment. Notes are hastily made of all the troop movements in and out of the stronghold.

15th of Selestra

The scouts see the massive Army of the Hoomans begin trooping out of Southwatch in a westerly direction. They furiously send hand signals back and forth, almost like they are arguing in sign language. Their actions are so frantic that they actually make the brush rustle. The one with the Far seeing tube gives a final gesture and the note taker stops. They then slowly back off the ridge, looking like a shrub that moves, excruciatingly slow. Once they clear the ridge, they throw off the hides and cloths that are covered in branches and leaves packing them into two small rucks. Once out of their covering they look like smallish Wolfen with brownish fur and silver streaks throughout their bodies. Small silver coins hang ornately from their clothing and armor, but somehow don’t clang or clatter when they move. They are both very silent in all their actions, even when packing up their gear. They take a zig-zag path parallel to the marching Army, keeping tabs on it. When the Army stops they stop and move in closer to take more notes on size and armament; noting any prominent leaders or figures. Several of the Army’s scouts are sent out, but this pair are much more familiar with this region and are able to avoid them with ease.

19th of Selestra

The two Wolfen-like scouts soon realize that they, and the Army, are through the disputed territories, into Wolfen territory and are headed straight for Ironhold. The two begin arguing again, ever silently with hand signals, the leader again makes the “done” signal and they continue to shadow the Army.

Observations of the scouts from the 19th to the 24th of Selestra:

Army arrived in Wolfen territory. Any and all resistance is met with brutal death. Hooman Army suffers very little loss. Wolfen heads are piked and used to lead many of the smaller units of the Army. Wolfen body parts and hides are made into trophies and adorn many of the soldiers. One elite magic unit amongst them shows no revelry when battle is over. Army marches at best speed and covers several leagues daily. They are moving faster than would be expected by such a large Army. A large path of death and destruction follows the Army. The forest is almost bare where they have traveled. The Army doesn’t seem to care if any opposing force sees or hears them. They are cacophonous.

23rd of Selestra

The Army approaches Ironhold. They stop just short and set many, many siege armaments. Unobserved by them and clearly seen by the two scouts are two large bands of Wolfen that are slowly encircling the massive Army. To the southwest is a band of all types of Wolfen, but they are all the largest of their kind. To the northeast is a band of Wolfen that are all pure white. They skillfully maneuver themselves into attack position. One Wolfen to the southwest raises a large sword and the entire force moves quickly and almost silently in a full charge. They rush seemingly unnoticed by the Army; ever rushing onward. At what seems like the absolute last moment, the Army reveals several hidden range assets; LONGBOWMAN. Hundreds upon hundreds of arrows rain down on all the Wolfen forces. This is followed by large ballista bolts and massive projectiles from many other siege weapons. Somehow these massive weapons aren’t pointing at Ironhold but outward towards the onrushing bands. Losses by the Wolfen begin to rack up quickly, but they don’t seem to be deterred; ever rushing on. Even after more than half their forces are cut down they continue; ever rushing on. The remaining forces finally arrive at the front lines of the Army, cutting their numbers even more, but they continue; ever rushing on. The battle lasts for mere moments. The Wolfen are slowly cut down little by little, yet for every one killed they take ten Hoomans with them. At the point that it seems like the entire Wolfen force is about to be decimated, howls are heard from many different places around the battle; those remaining turn and run.

They run faster than the scouts have ever seen a Wolfen run, so fast that even onslaught of arrows miss their mark by several paces. The Wolfen force is decimated, but they have taken a good thirty percent of the main front line infantry of the Army. The Scouts observe silently and do not move. After about an hour they decide to move. Just as they are getting up, the remaining Wolfen force is moving right in their direction, fast. They try to get back into hiding position, but it is too late. The force is upon them; however they are not attacked or killed. They are left alone, most just run right past, barely acknowledging them,most are very bloodied and heavily injured. Three figures stop once they see them. One with a XIII branded upon his forehead, a tall but very skinny Wolfen carrying a large ornate sword, and the last they recognize; Weylyn. Weylyn says one phrase then they all run off:

“Chose Cousins, or fade into the oblivion of history!”

24th to 28th of Selestra

After the battle at Ironhold, the Army rampages, pillages and razes many of the buildings of Ironhold. Many refugees flee the city, but many more are made trophies by the Army. Once most of the city is burned to the ground; the Army moves on. They continue to march ever forward. The scouts realize they are rounding the Algorian Sea and sticking to the coast. There is only one target of any real value on the coast; Seaholm. Again the carnage is unrelenting; all in their path are decimated, becoming more trophies for the Army. Men, women, children, the weak, and the strong alike, all fall victim. The Army arrives on the outskirts of Seaholm on the eve of the 28th making camp and erecting all the siege weapons.

29th and 30th of Selestra

The Army attacks Seaholm just before first light. An endless onslaught of arrows, stones, bolts (ballista & lightning), fireballs (magical & normal) hail down on the city. All the while the ground forces of the Army encircle the city. Many try to leave, few get out. By the morning, Seaholm is taken. Any fires are snuffed by magical means and the entire Army sets out full camp within the city; as though they are planning on staying there for some time. When it is all over, the scouts prepare four small notes and turn them into four small pigeons. They are sent in the four cardinal directions. Several hours later they receive a response. They quickly read it, burn it, pack up and disappear into the forest.

Coyle picture from The Brood
The Army picture from Minimum Wage Historian
Possessed King picture from Paul Bonner
Witness picture from L-MakesArt
Weylyn picture from Imagui
Lost tribe leader picture from stock photos and modified by LURCH6571

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