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Tempest Tossed


Let me tell you that time on the sea is a wondrous thing, but then again I have told you that in person many times. After we got resupplied in Seaholm, we headed back to Matilda and started heading around the large piece of land from the port to Otter. We would of had made it to Me’zfii Onh except that during a severe storm that ripped one of sails loose and tossed it to the sea. We would have lost more except our Master Warlock calmed the skies and kept us in the eye of the storm. The sea was rocky but a lot safer then it would have been. I am glad that Bennu assigned him to the mission.

After the storm I was sure that we were safe from problems. I knew the sea and the local pirates (wink) and even was familiar with some of the ports (thanks to our travels) and had decided to dock at the first port we could see. I wish that we hadn’t. Though I am popular in the region for our work with the Wolfen I failed to realize that we were heading to Big Water (you remember the place, great Wolfen women and beer). Well, they are big worshipers of the Gods of Taut (the ‘dark side’ of the church) and when they greeted us they told us that they could provide us with a new sail but we would have to stay for holiday. I like to party like you but it was the holiday for Set. I feared that knowledge of CrIsis in the region would give us away and we would lose our ship and shipmates to the holiday of sacrifice and merriment so we left and headed straight for Otter.

It was while on our journey that we encountered a Sisiutl; nasty bugger. I was certain that there was more then one but I didn’t realize that we were even under attack because Chip failed to tell us as he was taking on the creature on himself and because of his shortsightedness, three of our companions ended up in the water (one being that hot little centaur; don’t tell Mary). I would of dove in with both of my new swords (the others now have a place in my room on Matilda) and would have cut the demon but someone stopped me and we just pulled the others back on board. I am a bit sketchy as to what happened to those as for half of the combat I was dropping anchor and rescuing people. Only Chip would really know what happened.

When we got to Otter, guess who we met? Go on guess. Ok this is a letter so I will tell you; Malkin (the Defiler, well at least one of them). I tell you this adventure has been fantastic. I almost regret sending Mary to a safer place. She would have loved the sights and sounds; the real smell of adventure, but alas she is safe and that is enough for me. Malkin says that a phoenixi is protecting her in Northolme. When the gods say that your loves ones will be protected, they are not kidding. Though I wonder who is protecting you my cousin, or mum, papa or my sisters? While others do not wonder about those that they love at home for what ever reason, I need to know that this mission is not endangering anyone I know who does not bear the symbol of CrIsis.

I never told you about it or did I? The ring, fine craftsmanship and of the most pure gold and I should know, I am a dwarf.

Anyway, not to get off topic, along with the Defiler came with talk of Captain Robert the Just. A while back we talked as a group to have a second ship. The sale of the written Adventures of CrIsis (written by the famous Rod Rambler yes we know him too) is beginning to dwindle and that was supposed to take care of the second ship. Things were said and money was changed in our accounts (mind you it was all good) but we could not afford our second ship but that second captain, not a bad idea. We need someone to captain the ship when we are away from Matilda; someone we can trust. His assignment would be first mate to me when we are there, captain when we are gone.

When we got to Otter, I happened to make a bit of a mistake in parking the ship in the port and hit the port with such a force that poor Rell went overboard. Between the ripped sail, damaged ship and injury we have been here for a month. Most of the time (to kill time) I have done some hunting (I know that I am not a hunter). I have spent time with Cava (I know that Mary distrusts him and though I learned nothing of hunting) had a good time. I even spent some time doing some light fishing. The silence clears my head.

Well any rate,

Get back to work Captain and take care of yourself.


Posted by Overkill on the 23rd of Od, in the 22nd year of King Bafag.

Picture courtesy of Fangogogo.

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  • This sounds like the beginning for Jershon, as they are looking for a Relief Captain…

    • Robert the Just was the backup captain to Overkill, before he died fighting Ice Dragons trying to protect CrIsis.

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