Civil War, Barbarians, and Other News

Need Your Support

Captain Overkill of CrIsis-

I wanted to give you an update on what is happening in your home country. First, I must request that you send a pigeon renouncing your full citizenship in the Wolfen Empire. Keep your honorary citizenship- but I need your support, cousin. I will read the proclamation, and I ask that you include your choice in your book (ignoring my request of it). Every bit of support is important, as it will help me win the civil war that is ongoing. I have much support, but the human supremacists still have much power, and it breaks my heart how many Bizantium citizens have died. Mercenaries are coming in by the droves on both sides, and I am afraid that this may not be a short war.

The good news is that I have reached out to the former opposition on the Shadow Coast. I have promised improvements in working conditions, freedoms, and support- in return, I have received numerous warlocks who have pledged to try and help end this unnecessary war. There is a pyramid, now complete, in Inner Cadeth. It is not as ornate as the Pyramid at Sinza, but impressive. Myself and the queen had a talk with some Phoenixi who protected it.

The people of the Shadow Coast also gave me information that affects you and CrIsis. It is only statements that are rumors and accounts from others, but I hope that I can receive a first-hand account- I have sent members of the Bizantium Scouting Corps to investigate. It is rumored that in Kiridin, the land of the Barbarians, are at war amongst themselves. This, of course, is nothing new. What is new is that one of the Barbarian chieftains wields Osiris Left Eye!! Again, I will let you know more when I have a report back from the Corps.

In positive news, we are expecting!! My beloved queen, Christine, is with child. If a boy, he shall be named Overkill Junior after you!!

I wish you continued success. You are always welcome here, in Bizantium City, your home, Sinza, and all through Bizantium!

In faith- your Cousin and King,
King Minischmee

Picture from Raymond Minnaar.

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