Come Fly With Me

Chip Can’t Fly

Behold readers and followers of CrIsis, I, Tyvernos, master of the winds and gentle breezes, bring you tales of our journey of epic proportions! It all begins with a mighty boat. I have been working on many fun plans for the one known as Chip. I had been told by Gavin that the ship travels not by wind, but by some other means. At first I was confused but I accepted it for what it was. Still the sails looked full of wind. So I watched Chip in excitement as he climbed on a weirdly painted piece of wood that was smoother than I had ever seen before and rode on the waves while holding a rope. That was when the whole incident with the sea demons went down before my eyes. Hundreds of tentacles rose from the water and shimmered in the light like the scales of a monochromatic dragon as it takes off for flight at sunrise. With the speed of one hundred gazelles I rose up and met the beast with lightning that crackled across the ocean’s surface. The creature let him go and he was quickly pulled back onto the boat. However, the fool wanted to go back. Was this man suicidal? No matter I was happy to oblige him as I am known as somewhat of a risk taker myself. So I listened to Gavin’s knowledge about the boat and wanted to try something based on information given. So I tried sending Chip up into the sky with a blanket using a gust of wind that would blow the stockings off any fair lass in the towns we have been to. Unfortunately I learned the hard way that Gavin while being correct failed to mention that it was not always used and the wind was most often used. So Chip went up and then he went down and then he went down again as the tentacles grabbed him. He also let go of the rope so that was not good. Not to mention his bed sheets are now wet. So people started freaking out and jumping into the water. They are crazy. For all we know they could be pulled down too and from what I saw at this thing called a “ley line” whatever that is; Chip is a great swimmer and does not need to come up for air for a long long time. In fact it was so long that Otto von Bismarck got bored and he rarely gets bored, but he was super bored. Like so bored that he started licking the monkey clean bored. So here we were again waiting. I decided this time that I would take off into the sky like a majestic eagle leaving its perch in search of a meal for its hatchlings. I soared around for most of the duration from the spell. I could see nothing, but I did see Gavin on deck who was the only one praying at the time. That was good of him. I wonder if Otto was talking with Bennu. I am sure he was. That guy gets so self-conscious. Sometimes I hear him at night curled in a corner making weird noises. He’s so shy. Alas though Chip returned to the surface and informed us of the squid like demons and their threats to follow us to the ends of the earth. That does not sound fun at all. So maybe we should stay away from the edges of the boat from now on.

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful. We had a surprise party for Greldarr. This was fine until one night there was a lot of commotion. It must have interrupted Otto during his prayer time, because he was barking furiously. The ship was making sounds of cracking like it had the weight of ten thousand dwarves sitting on top of its deck. So I donned my armor and headed up to see what the matter was and when I arrived. I may have soiled my britches. We shall find this out for sure on laundry day and in better visibility. It was a towering beast far taller than the greatest evergreen ever to be seen by this gnome in his entire lifetime. The shear size put fear into almost any man’s heart. Alas I must act quickly and so I looked at my group mates, smiled, waved my hands around, and cast my cloud of slumber onto the beast. Next thing I knew it fell off the boat and went back to sleep until it was our watch. This was where Gavin insisted that the rocks on the crows nest were meant for people up there and we could throw as many out as we wanted. So we threw almost all of them. Gavin can throw really hard for such a little kid. It is quite impressive. He also claimed that he was not using any of his mind powers.

The rest of the trip was uneventful till Big Water where we filled up on rations and quickly left. There was also an incident on the boat with some wind ripping off the sail and freaking everyone out, but Chip and I saved the day so not much to talk about there.

After these events we finally made it to Otter. It was here that I got to meet the famous Malkin Falimede and a Ramen. He proceeded to talk about a Captain who would join our crew. I let everyone talk it out since I have not officially become one of them yet. I patiently await my turn. After these talks we had several days to relax while repairs to the ship were made. During this time Gavin threw Overkill a party. This was the first time that both the kid and I had a drink of alcohol. Normally I do not condone such practices, but he seems mature enough at times.

It was during one of our last few days that we ran into some trouble. Chip, Rell and I traveled to a local tavern, where we listened to Rell play the flute. It was then that arrows flew out from the crowd and hit him in the chest. I mean come on his flute playing wasn’t that bad. I mean I can see lots of mess ups but to shoot the guy? This was when Chip and I jumped into action. Rell laid paralyzed on the stage, but Chip cast a cloud of slumber in the room and I followed up with a second cloud of slumber to put to sleep over three fourths of the tavern. That was when we saw our wolfen attackers. They came at me viciously and hit harder than I could imagine. Chip used his trident to shoot out some powerful bolts of energy and I had had enough. I decided to launch everyone to the back of the room with a powerful gust of wind. It was a bit more powerful than I thought as it launched all the occupants save one through the wall of the tavern and into the street. In the mean time Chip ran over and hit the one attacking the now completely limp Rell. After Chip hit him, I shot out a bolt of lightning into him. The wolfen looked at us and shouted something about his dark god and then grabbed a pennant similar to the one that got us in trouble before and then disappeared. We were left with a dead Rell laying on the ground. So Chip picked up the body and we ran back to Malkin’s as fast as we could, where I used a spell to aid Rell back to life. However, it was Bennu who used Otto, who really brought him back. That dog has some mystical licking powers. Rell woke up to the wonderful kisses of a gnome’s best friend.

Best Regards,
Posted on the 24th day of Od, in the 67th year of the Empire.

Note: The person playing Tyvernos on this game day, and the person who wrote this log in Tyvernos’ voice, was PandaJester aka Gavin.

Picture courtesy of Eflnet.

2 Responses to “Come Fly With Me

  • “There was also an incident on the boat with some wind ripping off the sail and freaking everyone out, but Chip and I saved the day so not much to talk about there.”

    Air-warlock not to concerned about a Typhoon that nearly takes out the Ship, Crew, Entire Party…REALLY?

    • Such was Tyvernos, who would only focus on what he wanted.

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