Consider Yourselves Lucky

Until Timiro Goes to War

Dear Xerx’ses, Weaver Member-

You and your fellow CrIsis members should consider yourselves very lucky! While I know that you see many battles, and much danger, you do not, as far as I know, have to fight ones that are good.

This killing of the noble Wolfen has caused me much grief! I tried as best as I could to keep the death toll low, as did Wesvon, but too many perished.

Now the imbecile General Coldwell has summoned myself and the good Bishop Rose to go to Avramstown to break their defenses. I have sent Wesvon back to Wisdom before he broke completely- he had no stomach for any of this, and could not separate the faces from the destruction.

I have delayed as long as I can. I must now go to destroy my fellow man, or lose the Guild. I cannot decide which is worse, or if I should go join the Wolfen Empire. If you, or any other member of CrIsis, holds any sway over King Avramson please beg him to surrender, for enough blood has been shed.

At this point I just want it all to stop! I am sure that whichever war ends first, the winner will enter one of the ongoing conflicts. This brings me to you- only CrIsis can stop these wars!

Please finish your quest soon. The Gods must restore balance, and for this you are needed, for these wars must all stop!

Be safe, and good luck! Trust no one.
Your friend-

PS- Speaking of Death, avoid the Disputed Territory. There is a necromancer there of great power, and is growing in strength exponentially! Rumor has that he captured, and has now made into zombies, an entire platoon of Wolfen!

Sent on the 28th of Thoth in the 344th year of the Eastern Dominion.

Picture from Mike Lim

2 Responses to “Consider Yourselves Lucky

  • Perhaps this is one reason why Steve’s undead legions were so seemingly skilled? They were much more skilled in combat than “standard” undead servants should be.

  • True enough for he has been growing for some time.

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