Ja’Deir awoke and felt like he was waking after a month-long nap. He sprang out of bed, and immediately struck a pose of supplication to the gods. As he melted from mudra to mudra, mantras flowing in sussurance from his lips, his mind was at war with itself. Though his companions hadn’t said as much, Ja’Deir knew that they judged the actions that he took, especially when put against the professed faith in the gods that he had. Ja’Deir felt several points of view separate themselves in his mind and form complete arguments against each other, bodies of words, swords of accusation, and shields of reason.

Point1: You claim to be on the Gods’ path, but you seem to be single-mindedly vying for CrIsis to return to the Library of Bletherad.

Point2: Of course, how can we get the Pieces of Osiris if we know nothing about them?

Point1: How can we get Osiris without allies? Is it not a quest of epic proportions? Are you so proud you think you can do it alone?

Point2: Of course not, we do need Allies.

Point1: And how can we maintain our allies if we do not help them?

Point2: We do help them, and sometimes we help them too much, or at least we think we are helping.

Point1: Are you so perfect you think you know when an Ally needs help and when it doesn’t?

Point2: No, but we are not diplomats! We are bones of contention! The politics of this age are being influenced by the Dark, and the only thing you are going to do by stoking the flames is burn the righteous in the Dark’s trap.

Point1: But without our voice and reassurance, all kingdoms, nations, countries, and principalities will fall to the dark against us. The LIGHT Needs a voice as much as the DARK.

Point2: You are right. But when CrIsis speaks and the righteous quote them, the righteous are attacked much more fiercely than if righteous politicians speak of themselves.

Point1: But who is going to help the righteous find strength?

Point2: Pigeons carrying the weight of the world in letters of encouragement.

Point1: That is not enough.

Point2: You may be right, but Politicians are not going to retrieve pieces.

Point1: And they might also fail against the dark. Thanks to you.

Point2: Perhaps. But we need to research. We need to know. Knowledge is light, as Thoth would say. Light, Knowledge, and Truth are power, and with power we will vanquish the Dark.

Point1: A single candle can’t conquer the night.

Point2: But it can save one man, who can light a bonfire.

Point1: True. But you say you want to research, and continue in the quest of the gods. You also say you want to head straight to Bletherad. Doing so contradicts what you say.

Point2: How so?

Point1: Ley-Rhy gave us the Vision. He explained Seba, and that the Kidney of Osiris is hidden, only to be found by those that find all of the Seed Libraries. In going straight to Bletherad, you are requesting that CrIsis bypass Wisdom, Haven, Credia… You do not wish to go to Bletherad simply to study the Pieces of Osiris. You want to sate the demands of Flesh.

Point2: I am mortal, yes. I feel wrong being apart from my beloved. I feel that death and estrangement aren’t the only fates for wives and husbands of CrIsis members. There should be a third option. Can the Gods not create matter, even whole worlds? Then why can they not allow for Godly Visitation of Spouses?

Point1: So you admit it! You are distracted. You are failed.

Point2: No. If we go to Bletherad we can more easily know where all of the seed libraries have gone. And half of the libraries that I am “requesting to bypass” are passed regularly by CrIsis anyway, or within a short trip. Isn’t it better to….

Ja’Deir was pulled from his internal struggle by the savory smells of breakfast and a knock at the door. ”You’ve been summoned to breakfast by Master Groff.”

Ja’Deir and the rest of CrIsis, with the exception of Xerx’ses, meet in the breakfast nook with Mr. Groff. Much was discussed, not the least of which were the Rogtilda repairs, and two quills of writing for the two members of CrIsis that don’t read or write in Elven. Ja’Deir always takes that for granted. All of this was paid for entirely by the Groff family. Point1 had a point.

While out and about, Ja’Deir felt a twinge of pain at his temple. All he was trying to do was remember the password for the Book Proceeds. He became worried momentarily, but the hustle of the day chased it from his mind.

With a weighty sum of proceeds, CrIsis paid a visit to the Church of the Sun, and lightened their purses – though Indaris and Ja’Deir paid a tithe to Rogtilda’s tiny chapel as well. Indaris, on top of a personal donation and the donation to the shipbourne chapel, paid almost completely for a shrine to Khonsu. The two newest members of CrIsis were overjoyed, to say the least.

The group then made their way to the alchemist for their assorted wares, some of which wouldn’t be ready for a month, but Rogtilda wouldn’t be repaired for at least that long anyway, so the group saw no problem with that.

Shortly after their errands were run, CrIsis made their teleporting way to the top of the Tri-Arcanum Guild – Almost into the middle of a spell made by Master Kel’ed.

Exuberant over seeing friends he had not seen in so long – and many weeks before he’d planned – he welcomed CrIsis back to Wisdom with a warning. Llorn’s influence had poisoned all of Wisdom outside of the Guild against them. Their primary goal was under assault.

Xerx’ses and Ja’Deir were able to find the RCN Library, and No Name was waylaid by paperwork by a guild clerk as a thanks for the distraction.

They found the book for which they searched – The second piece to the clever and unique puzzle. From the book of the Inner Bonds, it was ‘understanding like water, just…’

While they searched, Hannah was kidnapped! She’d gone with Kel’ed to.. ahem… and there was a misunderstanding which led to her being alone, in a guild of power-hungry spell-flingers. Indaris, after eating his weight in spiced ham, helped Kel’ed return her whole and hale. Ursus was kidnapped by Wesvon from the table with Indaris, but was returned with a never-ending-gob-piglet, much to his delighted dismay.

Xerx’ses announced to CrIsis that they would stay a month, since Rogtilda was being repaired anyway. He availed himself of the Guild to learn a brand-new spell of legend.

Ursus used the time to avail himself of the underground gladiatorial arena… ermm I mean sweets shoppe.

No Name studied at the hands of a questionable-looking man with many scars.

Indaris learned a spell, though from what Xerx’ses said, Ja’Deir thought it was impossible.

Hannah utilized the extra time to exact her revenge on her would-be captors, learning a new wicked treat in the process.

A month’s time expired, the refreshed CrIsis tried to return to the roof to teleport back to New Crests. They were stopped at the trap door by a bored-looking guard telling them Wesvon was playing with magic, and wouldn’t be done for an entire month. Xerx’ses hatched a plan for CrIsis to return before the month was up, but asked if CrIsis could do one thing – guard him for nine seconds.

But, he would learn, that is far too much to ask.

CrIsis was ambushed by invisible assailants, and they escaped back into the guild by the skin on their teeth, though Hannah had fallen, and none in CrIsis could find her in their retreat. They slammed the doors, and seconds later the solid thunk of an arrow hit the door….

>>Journal excerpt in the 4th year of CrIsis, written by Ja’Deir, Ashada Mind Mage, disciple of Apis.<< >>
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