Crisis Combats Crew

OY! my achin’ back


9th of Thnu, 2nd year of the Rebirth, 8 bells, end of Dogs Watch



AYE, the crazy things we crew do on this ‘ere ship…We, meaning the entire full crew, of ‘dis ‘ere ship have just spent the last few days, “combating” CrIsis…AT ‘DER REQUEST. Aye, crazy, too right. Well, several days ago, CrIsis come a rushin’ aboard, yellin’ and a screamin’ “Weigh Anchor, Cast the lines”. Followin’ ‘dem were a crazed bunch o’ Panath assassins, as we were told later. The assassins be yellin’ about wantin’ to black the Eye of CrIsis, be dey mad? Might as well, call out the Gods direct. Well, after setting sail and healin’ up the injured, it be a bit tense. Lord Ursus, were pacin’ like he tends when he be a fightin’ on the deck against an attack. He was clamoring on about being betrayed by dis ‘ere crew. Shocked, utter shock we all be. He were a spoutin’ about “loose lips” and “ripping them off” and “feedin’ em to the owner”, ever seen Me Lord so upright irrate. Aye, so I could tell what on he was going about…SCUTTLEBUTT…the bane of Cap’ains and Adm’rals alike. So, praying for protection from Lord Khonsu under my breath, I approached Me Lord and asked if he would pray with me. This, calmed the “beast” a slight and as he lead off I followed. I know him “talkin'” wit Lord Khonsu can really set him right as the morn rise. He was off to rest after his “talk” wit Lord Khonsu.


Aye, tis the next day, 8 bells of the Mid Watch, CrIsis be rousin’ the entire crew, those that weren’t on watch any way. They got all on main deck and told us grab all our practice weapons and to…ATTACK THEM. First the crew had a little giggle and a snicker, CrIsis be pullin’ the peg leg of us all. Den, Lord Ursus, bellowed out some commands and cursin’ everyone on the deck. And when I say cursin’ I mean he were makin Annie a blush and she don’t no take any jaw offen that Big Bear…EVER. So the Crew Combated CrIsis. At first it were weird, practice weapons and all. O’ course CrIsis were a usin’ “blunted” weapons as well. Lord Ursus, please forgive me if you read dis. Lord Ursus had…well…Horse Blankets (had to be every blanket on the ship) wrap and tied o’er his claws. Funniest site to see. Sorry, Me Lord. Anyway, it still felt like a horse kick when he a swatted you.



Well, CrIsis fared well until the Marine Garrison Commander, got his troopers to form up and were able to “defeat” CrIsis in “Combat”. E’eryone rested up after that, then CrIsis came back for more. Dis time they were a tryin some o’ the “tactics” that the Marines used, calling out commands and forming battle positions.
Well dey fair a might better, after that. By the end o’ our sail, dey even axed to have the ballista (with blunted bolts) fired at dem. Aye, did CrIsis really hone der combat formations and fightin. They seemed to act like Veteran Soldiers dat had been wit each other for years upon years. Poor Stef though…He done had a bit o’ a limp, now I don’t think it will e’er go away. he got a little to close to Lord Ursus and taught he could a mouth offen to him. Well, Stef went a flying backwards, doing a weird side-ways summer’salt, while a flyin a yard arm away. Oh the Doc Priest had him all healed up in no time, but some tings just don’t heal right.


Well, we be portin’ soon and dese old bones need a bit o’ rest before enjoyin. liberty, iffen we get any.


Praise be to Lord Khonsu and Lord Ursus,
Bonifacious Raven “Crow”


Log Entered into Ship’s log

Ursus & Crow pictures from our own AZ_RUNE


6 Responses to “Crisis Combats Crew

  • Love this- very fun perspective! Poor Stef.

    • Yes, poor Stef. Of course, now he is in another log and therefore the books.

  • Ursus with all those blankets tied up around his paws is a hilarious sight!

    • It’s better then having to resurrect most if not all of the crew…over and over again.

  • Seems interesting to see this development. Great log!

    • Thanks for the comments and thanks for fixing the pic (background) of Ursus.

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