CrIsis of Faith

_Asher’s Prayer_
Great Ra,

You have been my lord for the entire time that I have been an adherent of the light. You have supported me through difficulty and through trial. You have upheld me through my highs and lows an you have brought me to CrIsis

However, much of my life has been shaped by my compassion, and that compassion is supported and fed by Apis. She has also chosen me for CrIsis, and has in fact given me a charge to be a mediator and a force for unity in the group.

My continued worship of you, and my striving for being the most individually perfect that I can be, is detracting from that mission. Recently, as such things are measured, I was directly in opposition of the group, and I called out Indaris for something that he’d believed was his responsibility as a priest of the Church of Light.

My primary reason for being in this group isn’t to divide. It’s not to be a champion of the church and to destroy the enemies of the light, for I am not strong in that area.

My lord Ra, I can no longer be a true adherent of your principles if I am to continue to be a part of CrIsis. When this journey is done, when I am back to my quiet home and back to being an Archaeologist, then I shall once again be a true follower.

Until then, until I can once again attempt to perfect myself, I must perfect the group I am in, and to do that, I shall be following the precepts of Apis.

Mother Apis,

Your command to me to unify CrIsis is one that I can achieve. I shall be a source of strength to this group. I shall bring this group together as much as possible. It will be my pleasure to heal the body of CrIsis much as I will be healing the bodies of it’s members.


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