Çynopolis, City of Anubis

More Warnings

Spoken to all of CrIsis

“Before you journey to the city of Çynopolis I wish to give you some final advice.”

“Remember that you will face seven of your former members! Asher, Bexx, Drauka, Hannah, Mack, Raulf, and Vandur will all be there waiting for you. They will have the power “Anubis Children”, which means that they can, at will, go from solid form to an invisible, ethereal form that cannot be seen by see the invisible! Only holy weapons of light, and both magic and psionics that affect the ghostly or astral realm may damage them! Make sure you speak with the alchemists Azariel and Gabriel to see where they can help you. Grignak, remember your powers for weapons!”

“The Cardinals of Light have done a gathering of offerings for you. This is a gift from all of the followers of Light across all of Palladium!” U’Selekma hands Grignak a heavy chest. “Spend it wisely, for if you do not succeed there will be no trip to Hades!”

“Lastly, here is a map of Cynopolis,” which he hands to Silent Dream. “Remember, just as any teleportation does not work at the Pyramids, except to another Pyramid, nor does any teleportation work in Cynopolis except to the realm of Anubis.”

Please be safe- May the Light of the Gods of Light protect you!

Spoken by his holiness U’Selekma, Pontiff of the Church of Light and Dark, Holder of the Sacred Ankh, possessor of the Greyhound Head Staff of Ra, and wielder of the Sun Disk, on the 31st of Algor to CrIsis and Tiny.


3 Responses to “Çynopolis, City of Anubis

  • 4 Million Gold in Old Kingdom Dragon Coins
    8 Million in Western!!!!!
    Okay they love us, what the city has a shopping district?!

    WOO HOO!!!!!

    • I wonder if any of that money is left after our shopping with Azariel?

  • This was the GM trying to make sure there is no TPK at Cynopolis.

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