Dear Comrades in CrIsis


Reader’s Note: The following letter was sent to and received by CrIsis just prior to their arrival in Avramstown.

Dear Comrades in CrIsis,

I feel I must finally apologize for my abrupt departure from Sekti-Abtu. It was an honor to be able to aid you in your mission through the Nimro kingdom. Unfortunately, certain circumstances of my past made my sudden appearance in Sekti-Abtu… problematic. It was not safe for me to stay in the city for any length of time. That is reason I left as soon as possible.

Thankfully the Pontiff anticipated my plight. After I disappeared he sent priests to aid me in my return home, here to Havea. They were even kind enough to teleport me directly to the pyramid at Avramstown!

Unfortunately I quickly noticed the climate here is decidedly anti-CrIsis. The release of your latest book, CrIsis Refocused, has sparked renewed interest in anti-CrIsis and anti-Eastern rallies. Disturbingly, I have even spotted former allies of yours attending these rallies; to date I have spotted both Tinor and Greminor at these events.

It strikes me as odd that despite the renewed frequency of these rallies, King Avramson has made no further public remarks against you save his first one. For now I have kept my distance from these gatherings and maintain a constant disguise around Avramstown. This is of course in case I am described in a future book, since as you know they can be released with little warning.

You should take great care should your journey take you to Havea. But if you arrive in Avramstown and require my assistance in some way simply send a missive to me and I will meet with you at the pyramid. Until next we speak, I wish you well in your continued quest for the Gods.

Signed in Sincerity,
Pippin Giffilan

Image Credit: Masterworks in Stone.

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