Dear Grignak – Letter 1

Mr. Grignak,

Mommy says that you used to be a slave. She’s writing this for me, cause I can’t write. The master doesn’t want us to write, so I can’t learn. Mommy can write cause she’s a scribe, and it’s good for her job to write.

If you were a slave, how come you’re not one anymore? Master says that slaves are for always. He doesn’t like when I ask questions about this, so I thought you would be an okay person to ask.

Mommy has read all of the books of CrIsis to me. I loved the stories about Gavin because he fought for the slaves. I used to dream about him coming to take me and my Mommy to Timiro where we could be free.

Since today is Friendship Day, I wanted to send you this letter so that you would remember us slaves. We need to be free.

Mommy says we can’t afford more words on the pigeon. Please tell me what to do, and how I can be free.


Forwarded to Grignak via U’selekma.

Picture from The Quillcards Blog


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