Destiny Awaits Part-4

Malkin sat down once more looking at the parchment with his trusty stone stein of hot tea. Once more he gazed into world’s beyond for the fate of Osiris’ Left Femur. His eyes become fixed to those that might see him as his gaze drifts across the cosmos

“No matter how things change they stay the same,” Luther was thinking this to himself watching a ‘vid’ screen on the translucent data panel mounted on a pole with five others arranged above and below his gaze. Dark, navy blue clothing with glistening chrome like armor with gold accents made by one fan of the Books of CrIsis, AZ_Rune. Abagail was wearing what he has come to call this world’s form fitting leather armor in black with silver-gray shades also made by the same fan.

The vid screen was being controlled by the small, dark, translucent data slab in Abagail’s gloved hand. The program the largest monitor was displaying a special report detailing the adventures and cases about against Luther. Was he a hero, renegade, or a villain? The third person in the room running all the multi-networked computers was wearing an “A God…Rebuilt” T-shirt showing little people that had dressed up as CrIsis. Over that was a large black button down shirt with an embroidered with a large purple hippo icon. Underneath it was the company name: Drunker Hippo Entertainment Group.

Pandajester turned and told them the documentary their adventures was getting rave numbers. They were getting great numbers in ratings across all the market groups. There was Egypt and the tomb robber they caught at the Pyramid of Djoser in Memphis. Saving the Tomb of the General in Ji’an China from being crushed in an earthquake by other powered beings. Breaking up the drug ring being run from the Prang Temple in Kol Ker Cambodia. Stopping the human trafficking ring that was a front for a cult trying to bring a dark god through sacrifice at Chichen Itza.

Various governments labeled him as a criminal or subversive element. The population in every location praised him for helping and spreading the faith of Ra the Sun Lord, Thoth the Wise and Xerx’ses the Oathkeeper. In each location they had managed to acquire mystical artifacts they could use to construct a shrine to protect Osiris’ Left Femur. Interestingly, the events being publicized were all the deeds they had done along the way. The arguments everyone used to label him a bad guy was his two albeit brief fights with Durandal.

Just then an instant messenger window loaded upon the screen with a vid call from the aforementioned Centurion, “Your flight path was approved and I will rendezvous with you in Las Vegas for the next #CrIsisCON at the Luxor. We have intelligence on the Alu Demon’s forces and know that he’ll be waiting for you when you land. I’ll help as much as possible to occupy them while you turn the Luxor into the sanctuary. Kid,” Durandal looks at Luther, “don’t screw up we won’t get another shot at this.”

Luther nodded and Abagail put her hand on his shoulder as she looked at the vid call, “We won’t.” Durandal smiled and the call ended.

Durandal turned to the other Centurions behind and they had read the FULL REPORTS of each incident. They approved Durandal’s involvement after watching how Luther had grown over the course of the year. A small shrine had opened up in Century Station for the Egyptian Gods as a faith based community program helping the less fortunate. Durandal nodded to everyone and left for Las Vegas.

Malkin awoke from the vision dry mouth and hungry once more. This time though there was tea and it was still warm.

All art by @AZ_Rune.


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  • They’ve been busy bees over there!

  • AZ Rune, armorer of the stars

  • Ah the last of the CrIsis “players” PandaJester. I know it will be some work, but a separate link at the beginning and end of each of these vignettes so one could jump from story to story.

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