Destiny Awaits Part-6

Malkin was happy to know the visions would be drawing to a close in the near future so when this one came at his office within the Library of Bletherad upon Y-Oda, he just arranged what he would need on a table and made his way over to begin scrawling down the adventure about to unfold. Once more he gazed into world’s beyond for the fate of Osiris’ Left Femur. His eyes become transfixed to those that might see him as his gaze drifts across the cosmos.

Tarek Tyrus Terrormann or “Triple T” was watching the race from the airport’s exit into the energy field gauntlet that led from Maverick Helicopters at McCarran International Airport to the Luxor Pyramid just over a mile and a half away. He quickly stopped watching the fight between his special guests alongside the Black Dragon Unit of his private security armada and the Demonic Alu-Demons being assisted by carefully disguised Gold Dragon Unit members set to aid that side. It would also help him end the feud between the two groups which team was more “elite” and worthy of personally guarding Tarek.

The Silver Dragon Unit had been working crowd control and public security alongside the LVPD. Tarek began to notice something he had been hoping to see among the 100,000+ people crammed into the main strip up against the blue glowing walls. Their FACES! His access to the security feeds allowed him to use the facial recognition software from the casino to spot true believers in the crowd and those just here to see what they thought was the best choreographed public fight scene that may end up in a movie and you could bet on the winner! What had vexed Tarek was the presence of “wild-cards” in the group of on-lookers. The first spotted was the person running the largest #CrIsis-Fan wiki around, KillerVP. Coxson, was a You-Tuber that had collected the largest live videos of Abagail and Luther doing heroic acts around the world. Every time the media tried to discredit Luther Coxson would have video evidence within 48 hours showing the proof of the event. Their personal gadget man, AZ_Rune, whom had developed nano-tubing armor that can respond to external stimulus and harden or create kinetic short range waves to soften an impact. All of these interlopers were wearing his gear! Lurch was spotted on a nearby roof with what appears to be a communication array and a “heavy” version of AZ_Rune’s armored gear. Pandajester seemed to be in possession of Abagail’s flying car and was parked with an aerial view of the event among other wealthy attendees. Glistam, another social media giant in the gaming entertainment world, who initially had a great support from The Marketing Heaven and close associate of KillerVP was wearing a #CrIsisCON uniform and working the crowd communication booth as an engineer! Just then his Green Dragon Unit team radioed in that online betting had taken a heavy turn in CrIsis / Luther’s favor with book distributors Kiralon Publishing and Twiggyleaf Media Group executives wagering a combined quarter-million dollars!


A flash of annoyance rippled across Tarek’s face and the reflection of the ceiling length windows showed black scales once again. Answering the call Tarek listened to the situation report from the Black Dragon Captain about 0.3 miles out from the Sphinx at the Luxor.

“Understood, Captain crush the Gold team and you may request one boon of me and I will grant it or die trying. Based on the betting I now need them to win. Shank your opponents if you have to. I need them to make it to the final battle in the center of the Pyramid.”

“Yes, Mr. Terrormann, Black Dragon Unit out.”

Chuckling to himself, “Let them think this is going in their favor now. Wait till they see the surprise at the final battle! Live and pay-per-view for everyone to see them bleed and fall!” Tarek’s smooth, ebony skin glowed, darkly in the warm lamp light of his desk as everything was lining up as he had helped plan in the background. Smugly, Tarek looked forward to the final confrontation and further options opening up to him as inter-dimensional history unfolded. He messaged the Gold Dragon Unit to fall back to the pyramid center but they had to sacrifice two men to make it look real, and earned.

Malkin awoke from the vision dry mouth and still thirsty. The stone plate came through and the tea was still warm.

All pictures made or “modified” by @AZ_Rune.

3 Responses to “Destiny Awaits Part-6

  • What are the odds on Luther? I want in!

  • But what awaits them in the center of the pyramid? Inquiring minds want to know…

    Also, I think this is the first appearance of Glistam!


    Also, love the continuing story of Other CrIsis

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