Device of a Million Voices

So, I bet you are wondering how I became the man you see before you. Well I was just a mere soldier to that fateful day. It all changed when I was on holiday by the sea. A reward for a successful mission of protecting the noble Foxmen of the north from those dastardly invaders. My gnomish feet were being tickled in the sand and I had just finished applying our patented gnomish sun protective paste on myself and Black Thunder. He sat proudly on his chair happy to not partake in the dip I was about to experience. I began to wade out, when I felt the pain of the worst stubbed toe in my life. I reached down in anger to hurl the stone which ailed me so. But to my surprise I found it. The might Device of a Million Voices. It had a strange writing on the back. I could not tell what it was. Maybe it was a failed rune of some sorts. Wrapped around it were a set of what I have now discovered are speakers and earbuds. I placed them in my ear to discern the true purpose of this foul device. Inside it housed countless bards and a Mr. Morgan Freeman, who apparently is not a musical bard but has a voice that has soothed my troubled soul many a night with his countless stories. Black Thunder fancies the story of the many tones of grey. He puffs out his chest and squawks as if to attract female eagles from a nearby vicinity. Needless to say, these poor troubled souls are trapped and need my help. They are only able to sing their memorized songs over and over per request of the one who interacts with the device. I have tried many times to free them of their seal, but the device is as cruel as it is powerful. I am saddened to say the mighty siren, Cher, has fallen mercilessly to its power. Her voice is now lost forever in the abyss. I vow to one day free these souls, but I have taken it upon myself to learn their songs and the art of music known as ‘Rock’ to honor them. From there I became more versed each day. Together Black Thunder and I have soared the sky wooing gnome and eagle alike with our melodies. Our quest continues, but now it includes the quest of the gods. For this we are ready to join and make new friends. We will continue to melt faces along the way!


Picture from TheDrunkerHippo.


8 Responses to “Device of a Million Voices

  • This is amazing, the size of the font is hard on my eyes but the tales is grand and epic.

  • Oh mighty siren, Cher! I guess there wasn’t life after love, after all.

  • Cher was brought down by Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves they say. Fun log, very cool.

  • Lol@cher, good log

    but I agree with brian, applying looks like assplying if I read it too quick 😉

  • So is no-one else going to remark on how the device has audiobooks narrated by Morgan Freeman, one of which is 50 Shades of Grey?

    • I was just hoping someone would bring it up- of course, Grignak could write something far kinkier about his experiences….


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