Digging Up The Past

Your holiness, Grand Arbiter Nulendar,

After understanding the scope of your task for the Church of Light and Dark, I am uncertain if I am wasting your time with missives. Given the likely fact that you must be getting conflicting letters arriving from both Eastern Territory and the Wolfen Empire. Given that the Church is actually on both sides of this conflict.

Now before some future reader thinks they figured something out, my statement is about them trying to resolve the conflict for peace.

Having spent the first 50 years of my life in a cavern city under the Rocky Desert of the Baalgor Wastelands reading books from before the Great War. I thought I was prepared for life above ground. However, two and a half years I have traveled and grown culminating in two events, the Lopanic Games and becoming immortal. I thought I would be able to write my father about dealing with a long life but now I destroyed his frame of reference. I know Elves to be some of the longest lived races and now I will potentially outstrip them and even dragons in age one day. I’m not a priest but wish to serve the church in a more direct fashion. Can I have children still? Will I pass my immortality to them? How do the Elves handle Hoomans not seeing the larger picture?

What will I do when the quest is over? There are still evil Minotaurs, but more and more seem to be turning to the light. I have met good Kobolds, Trolls, and Wolfen. I am left to wonder to whom will be their champion? For the promise I made I will never leave the Lawgiver’s side. My first father was a priest of his and my mother a priestess of the Mother of Horus. I feel serving the Lawgiver is the only way left I have to honor his memory. Being able to fulfill the promise to Lady Isis I feel gives me a connection to my mother. Trying to forge a new future for my tribe and Kom’var I feel honors my second father, Chief Rostam of the Serinan Tribe. Even with the failure to attempt to revitalize the Temple of Isis in that pirate city. Those that wronged the tribe were delivered justice and the items they had were returned. Oh and now some priests of light that are not Minotaur live among the tribe, exciting times!

The only thing left as a loose end now, that I’m aware of is Luur’na. She still has possession of Saraph – A Lightbringer Rune Staff crafted by the ancient Dwarves of Etrinan in honor of Isis. My mother gave it to her and she abandon the “Great Lady” in anguish and grief of loosing her husband (my brother and son of Rostam) to the dark embrace of Modeus, Lord of Hades. Do you think there is any hope for her? I am certain if I don’t run into her on this world then surely I will face her in Hades as one of his tools against CrIsis. Oh, when we meet next might I inquire as to the acquisition of a current set of legal books? If it is not to much trouble, well on to the report.

~ The 7th & 8th of Kym-Nark-Mar ~

Small Note: Again to the Solarium, “Please contact me to get the ring back, I really did not know the fairy had it. Having used it I can see why you want it back and I am more than happy to return it since you returned our companions.”

Since you are the mouth of my savior, if I’m disturbing you from something more pressing I’ll just keep a journal or something. We teleported to Avramstown and appeared in an un-occupied room of an inn. We soon found the name of the inn was, The Wolfen Minstrel, with a sign of a Wolfen head with a harp of some kind under it. The sign appeared to be hanging in front of its main door. The ceilings were fourteen feet by the Dwarven reckoning. Well others went to procure rooms and I sent a mystical missive to Master Pippin giving him our location. Upon his arrival we learned the town is under siege. It is currently being protected by a spell of legend – The Barrier of Thoth!

I know, right!

Oh it gets better! Okay, normally the tales surrounding this massive feet of magic talk about it being cast up to 50 feet away from and around 75 x 75 feet in length per circle of enlightenment achieved by the caster. Without using Magos means it is just under a 1000 feet for me and just under 1500 feet by 1500 feet. Now ancient and legendary magic such as this is has been written to be capable of being combined with wards and circles! I am fairly certain they are using circle magic to make it expand and cover, WAIT FOR IT – THE WHOLE CITY!!! My research is incomplete on the legendary spell for I don’t know how long it can be maintained as a spell and I am even more uncertain as to how they are keeping it active for so long, however, I believe the circle magic is the key to that as well.

Well, long story short, Master Pippin showed up and Master Ursus fell in love, Master Grignak had what my ship mates referred to as a port in the storm night with a song mage that helps draw in crowds at the Wolfen Minstrel. Don’t worry the Troll did not hurt the woman I had metaphorphed him into a hooman. Okay the stealthy and quiet ones had arranged a meeting with an agent of Grand Alchemist, Greminor Lector that goes by the name Tim, errr… sorry the gentleman goes by the name Redfeather. Just edit out the other name – please. I was able to finally return Lector’s Revenge and fulfill our word about the agreement with the Alchemist. It was “Redfeather” that explained the majority of what was going on in the town and informed us that the Demon Lord, Charun, had infected the town and poisoned it against us. I suspect we may face our first Demon Lord very soon.

Once back from that meeting we hung out at the Pyramid before returning to the Wolfen Minstrel. Oh yeah my shape changing magics were in use quite a bit on this trip I am sure you can imagine. Oh Master Ursus had a meeting with General Tinor about courting his new love. I warned him but it had to be done. Luckily, it was uneventful and he returned to us. Especially considering uneventful for us simply means a lack of multiple murder attempts before lunch time.

From there Master Grignak wrote a letter to King Avramson. We were given instruction to go wait as disguised beggars at the Pyramid. Father Indaris showed us how to perform this act and helped with my disguising via magic. Even Oathbringer had useful advice in this endeavor. I would say we are coming together as a team except that’s when someone dies so forget I said that. Regardless, we soon were following our contact and I learned that when a werebear changes at night any shape changing magic just stops working on them. Oh I am going to send a pigeon to Master Kel-Ed about that. However, that will have to wait till the war is over or we are far away.

We are currently awaiting the King in an antechamber of sorts.

One special note:
On the evening of the 7th to the 8th Master No Name showed be how he judges people to learn if they are redeemable. That was a singular experience I will never forget, and I was not evil! I now no longer question his choice in single death as the decreed by you for understanding is key. However, I would like to beg forgiveness of you and through you my savior. I am sorry my faith was not strong enough to take you at face value. I know I have let the Lawgiver down and I am truly sorry I failed you both to the point I had to be shown. I apologize for being a less than perfect scion for our savior’s strength. However, I can promise to try and be better, but only time and action can show the unyielding spirit I bear for his return.


Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
Osiris’ Unyielding Strength
Immortal War Wizard of CrIsis,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, sent on the 8th of Kym-Nark-Mar, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 71st Year of the Wolfen Empire, 344 year of the Dominion of Man, and 24th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

Art by AZ_Rune

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