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This was not the way I imagined my ascendance. You are not here and neither is our tribe. I may not have been their favourite student but as I feel my masterhood blossom here in this strangers land I wish that you were all here to share the sacred rites and reflect on my journey here from my less than textbook growth to being proof of the place in our ranks for the less traditional. Perhaps selfishly in my day dream I imagine the chosen high druid himself might grant me a vision to celebrate this occasion. I care deeply about my new family but I can’t help feeling a little lonely at this time, they lack the depth of knowledge and sharing to understand this milestone with me.
Despite this I believe the bond that I’ve felt for them for so many years is starting to be returned. Today Overkill(the dwarf), requested me to protect him during an interrogation(nothing to worry about some silly human nonsense), I was filled with such joy and pride but refrained from hugs and stoically kept close eye on the proceedings. Later that night we were required to spend the night in the jail as previously mentioned in my last correspondence. I made light of it with the others but I confide in you how fearful I was, nightmares of being caged and those doors never opening whispered in my head during the long night. It still amazes me the others could not smell the reek of it in that space. I would not share this shame but put on a brave face for their benefit. Not soon enough the nightmare ended and we bound free into the morning air, it was almost a letdown to spend the next few days playing guard dog to the vegetable stall.
Later the nightmares resurfaced when I found myself trapped in the form of a mouse, my little heart felt as if it were going to explode out of my chest from the shock. Xerxses assured me it was a normal effect from Asher’s studies but I carry that helpless feeling of inability to protect my family still. My recent rise to master laughable whilst trapped in such a form. It was the first moment of doubt I’ve had as to my fitness to be here on this holy task

But enough gloom I’ve been holding out for the best news too long. Terramore Gleba himself paid visit to our humble store. I mind filled with so much knowledge, so many stories I wish I could pack him away and take him with us to pass on every little detail. Again the dwarf went above and beyond allowing me to swap sleeping quarters so that I might gain some time with the bard for which I am very grateful.

Finally we made it back to the tower to “visit a friend”, and deliver a certain special torch. Just because I’ve discovered Crisis is unable to do anything easy we wandered in to discover an imposter in her place. As soon as I smelt her I knew it wasn’t our friend, stretching out to take on full Kodiak form I swiped the torch from her grasp. Nosse was amazing darting in to pluck it away from the shifter’s reach. I have to give credit to the others I’m not sure I’d prepared them for this form but not an eyelid was batted. We closed ranks like seasoned professionals moving with unifying intent. Then and I really wish you were there to see it I summoned up my newly activated powers and made that bitch dance. Actually I’m kind of surprised it worked but seeing that evil impersonator bouncing along to the invisible music in her head unable to control her own form will keep me chuckling for months. I’ll leave you for now with that image in your head until next time. Love your daughter Cami

P.S. I’ve been practicing my music which I know would please you, nothing epic but it’s a catchy ditty we’ve been using to rustle up support for my colleagues in their upcoming matches in the games.

A group so motley most would gasp
CrIsis bears a godly task
it’s members are from far and wide
they give up all to walk side by side

Six members toil at any time
with evil trailing close behind
Osiris was once torn asunder
will be restored in fire and thunder

Overkill came at the start
Driving fear to the slavers hearts
The dwarf once plucked from the sea
Will now return a rower be

A towering beacon of redemption
Xerxes , minotaur, mage without deception
built for trials far greater yet
will strive in the games a certain bet

From the darker side Azariel came
to lead the group and win the games
His greatest tool his mind aside
He’ll duel instead with his sword abides

Indaris the priest of light
a holiest soldier in our fights
A hidden talent for formal drawing
will enter the ring come the morning

A group so motley most would gasp
Crisis bears a godly task
it’s members are from far and wide
they give up all to walk side by side

Picture by Peach&Thistle
Picture by Ursulav
Picture by Dramalogia

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