I’m not sure the fairy story that was told to us by the Slayer of Mountains will come true. I’m certain that he believes it, but people being people there will always be something that they screw up. My reasoning is centered around the scamp known as Tiny.

CrIsis is, by and large, a collection of youths who are subject to the foibles of inexperience and foolishness. Through the auspices of one Tiny, a name that seems almost too apropo when applied to a dwarf, CrIsis was taken on a ride under the city of New Haven and we raided one of the hidden temples of the dark. This was nominally done to prevent a priest from killing worshipers of the light, but in reality it was so that a large diamond could be stolen.

The first time that Tiny was introduced to CrIsis they raided a temple of the dark and stole the offerings. There is a pattern arising from our interactions with this scamp that points to a greater disease in the hearts of people. Greed is not limited to the dark. Of course, I have to admit, meeting Mangy Carl, that nobility of purpose is not limited to the Light.

We were treated better by a man who initially stole from us than by a dwarf who was supposedly our friend. In the future I will have to better watch who I accept into my confidence.

The very nature of people would have to change for the fairy story told us by the Slayer of Mountains to actually happen. Regardless of the influence of the gods, people are people. We are such that without some fundamental change to how we each feel, how we see the world.

Is it possible that changing the afterlife will change that? Of course it is, but since we are but one creed, one religion, I doubt that it will be that far reaching. Don’t get me wrong, I recognize that it is a necessary task we are engaged in. What I doubt is that suddenly the world will become sunshine and lollipops suddenly at the completion of our quest.

Written by Asher on the 5th day of the 2nd month of his 100th year.

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