Divine Introspection Of Purpose & Path

To my lovely lifemate, Chieftain Laval’liere Lightbringer,

🏰 The 11th of Majestic 🏰

Being just about four days since my last missive. It is my continued hope that the tribal “Exodus” back to Fort Etrinan is on schedule. At the risk of sounding like a broken Bard, how are you doing? Father Indaris, err… Isis’ Seeker and I pulled off a major social maneuver for our friend, Master Ursus – or the Revenant of Khonsu, with the help of some of the more sneaky members of the core crew we gathered around Master Ursus on the morning of the 11th a feast of food stacked eight feet high and ten feet across! Then we gathered all of CrIsis and screamed, “HELP! URSUS A WALL OF FOOD IS ATTACKING US!!!”


He burst up (after I made sure enough time and the Cloud of Slumber Spell had passed), and we screamed birthday wishes to him telling him to eat his fill of the Wall of Food Monster! I am not sure he ever had his birthday really celebrated before. I made sure during the party to let him know I still trusted him because of his actions after being healed of his mental condition. I had hope he could redeem himself because then it meant there was hope for me to reclaim a spot of honor among the gaze of the Lawgiver. I know war against the Dark has embittered my soul, and I’ve been working hard on trying to correct this.

After the time of the midday meal I felt the need to begin wandering New Crests. The people here were surprised that I just wanted to sight see and enjoy the town. One woman’s daughter exclaimed that her cat was stuck in a tree. I stopped and saw the small creature had gotten to high and it was scared. I used magic to hold it in place while I plucked it and returned it to the youngling. Being told thanks because she had promised it as a gift for her friend gave me pause. As I looked down my “Book of Oaths” was glowing, however, there was no oath from her? Curious but I seem to be drawn to intervene if an oath may be broken. I patted the book and continued on my way, happy to have done a good deed.

🏰 The 12th to the 14th of Majestic 🏰

At first light upon the 12th of Majestic I woke and met the dawn saying a prayer for my Lord and Savior, the Lawgiver, and then to Heavenly Apis. I visited the beach shack where Brother Vertan had made our first ship altar statues. Here on the beach I was graced by the actual presence among CrIsis of Eternal Isis. I tried to return Osiris’ Right Femur to her on that beach. It was the first time I remember her actually smiling at me after our first meeting. I thought I was just telling the story to Brother Vertan but when I was done reminiscing there was a crowd surrounding me and I remember some of the children’s faces.

Dearest Lifemate, how is Adio’Nisia and Lazal’dan? Seeing the faces of children makes me think of them. I’m sure Adio’Nisia will make a fine addition to the Crusaders of Light! I wish I could join the order and become a Knight of the Light amongst you all, sigh. It’s always been a dream to be a Paladin or Knight and the Crusaders of Light is the only Minotaur Knightly Order I am aware of.

I digress, ah memories, while there I saw merchant bust a wheel on his cart and I instinctively flew up and over. Grabbing the cart as I landed to keep the load it was carrying from spilling and causing more damage to it or the coupled horses. The teamster driving the wagon cart had a spare wheel and made short work of the change while I held the cart for him. The crowd looking onward and muttering statements about my ability to fly without a spell being cast. He thanked me for allowing him to keep his promise about getting these deliveries made. I smiled and mentioned they don’t call me “Oathkeeper” for nothing. he nodded and headed off. I turned back and Brother Vertan had me sign brass statues of my likeness! I used one of my nails to engrave an “X” and the word “Oathkeeper” in their base. Then as I waved my hand over each of the twenty-five, eighteen-inch tall statues my Sigil appeared embossed on each of them.

Taking my leave I wandered about each district, but the night of the 13th of Majestic I returned to the soup kitchen I had stopped at on the night of the 10th. I offered to setup all the tables and chairs so they could keep their scheduled open time. As with my other helpful gestures my book glowed and it would seem if I am nearby then I can sense when a promise might be broken! I trust in the tools of my office to allow me to make it right. This means though if I ever become a full god I will need to figure out a way to impart this power unto any actual priests I am blessed to have in Team Oathkeeper. I consider my faith like a team in the Lopanic Games with me as the coach, but my job is to help everyone grow and become one with their path to the light. I love both of my fathers – Elder Xerx’ses Lightbringer and Chieftain Rostam Stonemace. For they instilled the idea of everyone standing in the light hand in hand. Never in the shadow of a else. For in the light we are all equal, mortal and immortal alike. Good grief I am sorry, smarter I may be but digression is my bane. Sorry if my wistful wishing upon the hope of all races and people sounded preachy.

Anyways, I promised the soup kitchen Master No Name or Khonsu’s Reaper was not nearby or drunk. You see back on the 10th when I came over that night to help he tried to present me with the petrified and truly giant-sized male member of the late, King Sunder Blackrock! Then he espoused to the crowd in drunken slovenliness, “Watch out, if you break your word ole’ Xerx’ses here will rip your dick off like he did to the ((hiccup)) the .. giant King! Fear the Dickripper!”

The men and older boys quaked in fear, while the women covered the eyes and ears of the younger children. All I could think of was what had happened to make him act like the late Overkill! I fought back the urge to send a Magic Pigeon to Eyes about how drunk he was. I was so disappointed to see this deeply caring married man lose his senses to drink so readily! None of us can erase what the children saw that night. My only comfort is they would not easily see it again, and it was not the horrors of war.

I took his ‘gift’ which he had forgotten to make a gag gift on our wedding night. Before I came back to the soup kitchen I donated it to a Temple of Bast. I warned them magic had been used upon it but it was a gift of virility from CrIsis to Bast and her followers. The number of proposals I had to turn down in order to get out of there was impressive, but my armor stayed on even when they brought out two elven priestesses.

Why is it hot all of a sudden?

The morning of the 14th of Majestic I woke and met the dawn saying a prayer for my Lord and Savior, the Lawgiver, and then to Heavenly Apis. Later in the morning Master Jershon and I made our way to the main Groff Estate to speak with the Mayor of New Crests, Elanu Groff, himself. Along the way there Master Jershon talked and joked about events and issues that could be made into opportunities. One such person of note was the newest member of what we called the ‘core crew’ and that was the person we just made our new 2nd mate, Master Heebo. It would appear he had been a qualified rigger and former first mate on ‘The Noble’s Wench’ during the Battle of Bletherad Bay! Once that was settled Jershon got me to agree to take on the title of Admiral and officially make him the Captain of the Shield of Light.

We had wandered the maze like gardens for some time before we got serious and pushed down the correct path to the estate. It was just after highsun when we arrived and were escorted to a hall that would accommodate my size. It seems Mayor Groff decided to move his desk and work into that hall while I was here in case I visited, very touching. He was kind enough to let me try an ale they had been working on. They knew my tribe having had access to the library of Fort Etrinan we had access to how to make Dwarven Ales. Just what they had not known was that such a drink would dehydrate you quickly in such a climate as our homeland. So we only had it on holidays and for religious ceremonies. The one I was presented actually tasted better and something about it I could feel caused less dehydration! It was nothing short of amazing. When I mentioned this to Mayor Groff he called in Master Sterloff, an Elven man in charge of new markets for the Gold Coast Trading Company. When I was asked what I might call it I mentioned Oathkeeper Ale as a catchy name. They had a quick glimmer to their eyes and I was gifted (they would send it to the ship) with two cases of Oathkeeper Ale just for me!

I was also gifted 250,000 Eastern Crowns which I promptly turned around and asked for a Horus Day gift to be made for Father Indaris. It is plate armor designed to keep him safe in Hades, heal itself and our Priest of Isis! I shall call it the ‘Havenguard Plate’ in honor of the Eastern Holy City.

Two small items of note left. I devised a plan and was congratulated on its design and simple approach by Mayor Groff and Captain Jershon. I won’t detail it completely here, but it will become very apparent as it is executed. Suffice to say we are delivering some items to Haven and delivered ONLY to Bishop Rose Nodeki. Then more travel to a city in the Wolfen Republic, and finally to aid our friends in Sinza, and the Shadow Coast colony of Outer Cadeth.

Currently, the Yin Sloth Jungles city of Mishala is being overseen by Sulyott the All-Knowing. With Mikala Groff now gone it needs a new leader declared. I also know it has recently been blessed by one of the Pyramids of Osiris. We also have to address the sage’s summons to help a friend of the Wanderer, Sir Derrick.

I will close this up with a note of how much I look for the color of purple in things because it reminds me of my wedding night with you.

Amor Meus Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
the Oathkeeper,
Immortal Demigod War Wizard of CrIsis,
Head Weaver for the Tri-Arcanum Guild,
aka: Admiral Osric Orghallar of Shield Of Light

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, sent on the evening of the 14th of Majestic, 4th year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 72nd Year of the Wolfen Empire, 345 year of the Dominion of Man, and 25th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at: artist@agodrebuilt.org

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