Do You Yet Draw Breath?

Do You Think of Me?

My Darling,

It has been three long months since I last heard from you- are you ok? If I do not get a response I will assume the worst.

Did your friend Indaris survive? How is your faith holding, and do you still pursue the priesthood?

Much the same here, war rages out in the other parts of the Empire, but we are still safe here in Caer Itom. The news of the Slayer of Mountains joined the Elven Kingdom has had many talking, but I say it does not matter, for he had raised not a hand against our Enemies. What is a worry is that the good Bishop Lamriel has been captured by the Evil- and they wish to exchange him for a piece of Osiris.

I miss you.

Forever in Bast,, hoping you still want me….

Sent on the 22nd of Corg in the 25th year of Emperor Itomas to his His Holiness, who forwarded it to Grignak.



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6 Responses to “Do You Yet Draw Breath?

  • If this isn’t the Palladium version of a “Booty Call” then I don’t know what is.

  • It is the tiny bit of info, Father Lamriel being captured, with a booth call wrap.

  • What kind of heartless troll monster do you have to be to read her words in this letter and not immediately want to write back something comforting and reassuring? Like this:

    “Fear not for my love is still just as strong as the deepest dungeon manacles which I long to return to, where I hope to one day soon feel the warmth of your whips tear into my quivering flesh once again.”

    A love story for the ages!

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