Doth the Quill be Mightier than the Bear?

Don’t poke the BEAR

12th of Majestic

Brudders Malkins



I have seen the udders writesing too yous. I have recently founds a voice, as the udders says, and deys seem to tells you all the stuffs that we does around the worlds. So I thought I woods try it toos. Weese leafing the great tower to try and go to a library and gets some books. I have never had uses for dems except as kindlin’. But the udders are jump up and downs happy to gets dees books, so I wants to help them. Anywaves, we halfs leafs the towers and are ambusheded by unseen attackers. As I am leading, axing as a walls, I makes a grates wall, I am struck by many many arrows. Swat the arrows froms my flesh, eyes run towards wears the arrows comes from. I donuts sees the attackers. I continues to axe as a walls. Den I falls down sleeping. Then I wakes up just as quicks. I here one of the udders yelling that the attackers are rounds the corn ears of the billsding. I also heres Tiny yelling for a falls back. I should has lessons to him, buts I has always dun my own and I don’t likes beings atacs twoses but strangeses. I jumped the billsding and runs and dives at the atacers. I hits a strange unseens walls then hits the attackers. I am still scraping the guts of the one offs my furs. I thinks I am almost outs of…

30th of Majestic

Brudders Malkins

OK, I HALFS TO LEERNS TO CUNTS. My lastes letter was cuts short by counts. I only gets too hundrids ands fiffies of dees wordsis. We has been ats seas for weaks. I nots a salesmans but I cans lifts a lot. I help the salesmens hose the sales and move the car goes rounds the ship. The ship is named Roggie and he’s loves when I scratches at his large mastive. I guess he gets itches also and I knows they can makes you crazies if you cants scratch. We are almosts to Bleederads and I don’t have much else to says. Plus if I cunts this write I steels have lots of words leftist. Crow has been trying to teaches me the cunts. He gets mad when he axe for me to gets some things and I don’t get the write amounts. Sow he is showing mees the cunts. I am ups to the hundrids and I halfs about that many in this seconds letters. So I wills says goodbyes. Wait did I cunts that writes, I steels have words lefts and they are steels righting on these papers. I guess I had better tries to learns the cunts better. It seems like I am wasting all these words on this papers. WOULD JUST STOP RIGHTINGS ALREADY YOU STOOPID QUILL THING WHY WON’T YOUS JUST STOPS THE WRITINGS, GREAT NOW ALL THE WORDS ARE BIG AGAIN I WILL RIPPS YOU IN HALF IF…

Picture of Malkin drawn by AZ_Rune.


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