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Extending The ‘Hand’ Of Friendship


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I was lying in bed, rereading a few of the more entertaining portions of The Second Book of CrIsis, when I was sent a message. ‘Get ready, it is time.’ Was all I heard… or at least I thought I heard?

There have been several times when I have been alone and I have been contacted. It’s like someone whispering in my ear, though it is louder, and there is no sense of breath passing by me, but it’s also so different; the contact evokes a strange… sensation? It’s almost like feeling the words forming inside my head, and is as close to taste as it is to hearing. I have run into the phenomenon only while I was among humans, and even then rarely. It is very odd, living till almost middle age, and not be familiar with a part of you.

And I ramble. I always was a rambler. I couldn’t tell a story well to save my life; that was Raq’el’s forte.

So I received the call. I stood up, and grabbed my pack. I was walking over to the desk to pick up my brand new Flamberge, when I felt a wrenching in my gut, the feeling an inexperienced climber feels when looking down from the treetops, vertigo, and felt my arms loose their weight. A moment later, before my eyes adjusted, I felt the firm reassurance of the earth beneath my feet, a smooth but still noticeably earth-hewn stone. I looked around me, and I was on a raised stage laid before a strange looking temple. I see two ‘gods,’; Horus, the giant sphinx of a being that I met before, my debtor, and a strange bird-headed being towering over us. And then I saw that there was an ‘us,’ a great many ‘us,’ in fact. Karma, Overkill, and Cava were standing near me, easily recognized by those who have read The Books; and several others were there that I did not recognize.

Horus transformed back into a man, and started to ascend to the heavens, taking two elves with him. I straightened, and gave the warrior’s salute as he disappeared through the clouds. I saw in his face the expression of one headed into battle. Then, there was a second sun, brought by Horus, and there was much rejoicing.

At that point, CrIsis started to debate where to go next. There were several good suggestions, and reasons, but after it all, we decided that to capture Tyvernos, who last I heard was a happy-go-lucky, eccentric gnome, friend and member of CrIsis. The suggestion came from Gavin, the changeling mage, to summon him using his True Name, and that Greminor, Alchemist extraordinaire, would be able to cast the spell. We tell Thoth that our destination is Avramstown.

My muscles screamed in protest as I prepared myself for weightless travel, of which I had just been subjected to, and instead felt a searing hot wave blast through me. It didn’t linger, acting more like a ripple in a pond, or a swift breeze passing through the trees. I heard gasps around me, and looked around to see the rest of my group staring up into the skies.

I lifted my head and saw a bright red sun rising. A fire started itself in my chest, and pushed out my Zan’Goria temporarily. It spread through my limbs and I felt ready to spring into action. I knew I had to do something, kill someone, rescue something, but it was like I was trying to aim at smoke, or a watery reflection of my true target. For the second time in as many minutes, my muscles screamed protestation, demanding to be released like a bow strung tight and then thrown onto the ground, unused.

Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long. Thoth transported us to the throne room in Avramstown. These ‘gods’ really have an interesting idea of propriety, don’t they? Just throw people from here to there, no warning, or announcement.

>>At this point I would like to point out that Drauka has been verbally rebuked for his blatant insubordinate behavior and remarks. It is not prudent to take his position in regard to the pillars and protectors of the universe.<< The shock showed in the court's faces, we were not expected. A flaming goddess of a being was the first to regain her composure. She approached us, and to my surprise she greeted me by name. The King, Anderson Avramson – the worst first name I have heard yet, of course humans seem to be very unimaginative where names are involved; every name is unique in Danzi culture – got up and greeted us warmly. He seemed truly delighted to see CrIsis again. We told him our plight, and he told us we were free to do as we needed, that the entirety of his kingdom was at our disposal, but not until after we had given him the pleasure of dining with him.

We had a great meal with our host. Roasted birds, basted boar, broiled fruits were brought course after succulent course. The smells were enough by themselves nearly to slague my hunger, even in the same instant that they fed it’s impossible need. Even the baked flora and vegetation, which should never be required eating for warriors, were unmatched in my one hundred and nine years, and believe me, I have hosted more feasts in my village than I have years.

After eating we were in no shape to wage war, no matter the size of the army, so the King offered a different sort of encounter for the members of CrIsis. Being such a short time after the passing of my sweet Raq’el, I was in no mood for any sort of companionship.

That morning, we got ready to catch Tyvernos, and went to Greminore’s Alchemy shop. Upon entering, the first three of our group to pass the threshold were assaulted by unseen forces. Overkill started croaking like a toad, Cava danced uncontrollably, and Gavin lost control of his form.

‘Oh, I am glad you’re here, glad to see you! I am sorry for the defenses, one cannot be too careful, of course!’ we heard from the shadows of the shop.

‘I told you to think with your mind, not your feelings.’ another one of those fiery beings scolded him. The group enters the shop, which magically expanded to accomodate the Rahu-Man who was there with us, Runeslinger.

We positioned ourselves for the fight, and waited as Greminor summoned a Baal-rog from the back of the shop to aid us in our fight. We told him that we planned on summoning, and if need be, killing, Tyvernos. At hearing that, the aged alchemist changed direction.

I felt a magic shield *wumpf* into “place”, as he demanded we prove who we really were. Desperately, the group tried to convince Greminor of our identities. As they tried to convey their sincerity, I took a deep breath and prepared myself. I have done this countless times in my time dealing with strangers, but it always comes at a price.

I touched the teardrop sheathing my hand, and pushed my will through my fingers into the lines and curves of the tattoo. Immediately I felt my blood congeal and my knees lock. I said to Greminor, ‘ I assure you, we are friends, and mean to only do the Gods’ will. Take my hand, so I can show you.’ I took Greminore by the hand. The glow eminating from my tatoo seeped into the ancient elf’s hand, and I felt, more than saw, the glow run up his arm, climb his neck, and reside in his eyes. I felt the contact with him solidify into a steely rod. All of our hopes, needs, dreams and fears transmitted instantly in the most intimate way into Greminore’s mind. I could feel his hand shake, and I broke the contact.

‘Well, yes. I guess.. Yes. I… That’s it, then.’ Greminore stuttered. He told us to get ready, and we prepared ourselves for battle. Tyvernos appeared next to Gavin, almost as if he were always there. We sprang into action, all diving in to grab him. I drew my weapon as I ran forward, and got as close as I could to Tyvernos.

Twice in a short amount of time is not suggested, for Kratos to be used, but need dictates action. I touched the tattoo again, and my knees shook. I grabbed Tyvernos’ shoulder. One of the mages dispelled the headdress, and the gnome dropped out of it.

Tyvernos looked around at us, as if awaking from a dream. He worked at trying to apologize. He ran to Otto, looked him in the eye and cried, ‘I knew you would forgive me, old friend.’ ‘Alright, who’s this big motha effer?’ he said, looking at the Rahu-man.

Runeslinger says, ‘diminutive one, your station was unsure, and even though they were large, I tried to fill your shoes.’ Tyvernos looked at the rest of us, and exclaimed, ‘I just had this crazy experience. You guys should try that hat on, it’s awesome’ Greminor chortles, ‘I think not.’ Tyvernos sighs, ‘I thank you for your patience and I cannot take back my actions, but I can apologize, and know that the bonds through friendship are stronger than an ancient rune headdress’ corruption!’

I looked at him apprehensively. This won’t end well.

>>As written by Drauka, in the language of Danzi, translated by Thoth. The second log of Drauka, Mercenary Danzi Warrior, Written on Thoth 13 in his 105th year.<< Picture courtesy of Geekologie

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