Dreams of Konesh

Request for a Hero’s Rest


I shake even now as I write this letter. A dream hath disturbed my sleep for a fortnight in the least. Each night as I am just past the point of being asleep my mind is taken. I see all of thee, my new friends of CrIsis. Thou art all asleep as it seems to be the middle of the night well past the twilight hour. I see thee all fast asleep upon bunks that appear to my mind as shelves whereupon I might keep my most prized books. Thou all dost seem peaceful in this moment, but there is an unsettling feeling in the room.

It is in this moment in the stark of night that a fire demon appears, entering the room by way I cannot tell. I can do nothing to prevent his coming. And when this imp comes the wood in the room cannot withstand his very presence, and they burst to flame as if they had been soaked in lamp oil or were made from eucalyptus bore.

I try to alert thee all, but to no avail. Ye all continue to slumber deeply upon these wooden shelves. As the fires grow higher, and begin to lap against our flesh, I am frozen, perplexed of what to do. It is at this terrifying moment that my dear friend
Malkin’s voice calls to me from an open window in this boarding house. His voice shakes me from my terror. His words haunt me even as I am awake, writing this letter:

“Save them, Rhava! Save them ALL! Bring them to me as thou hast promised.”

My soul, in the dream, is stirred to action. I race to one of the shelves where thou art asleep. I try to shake thee awake, but each night it is always met with failure. I then sling one of thee under my arm as a school boy would carry his affects, and pull one of thee to safety at the feet of Malkin. Upon turning to re-enter the house, in horror I see the roof erupt into a blazing ball of flame and collapse inward upon thy sleeping bodies.

Each night the dream transpires as I have described it, save for one detail. I have attempted to change the outcome of the nightmare by choosing a different victim whom to save. To my dismay, no action I carryout seems to affect the dream. I feel doomed to see thee all perish each night to this terrible death! If only thou wouldst all WAKE UP! Maybe then would ‘they all be saved’ as Malkin’s word beckons me to do.

I hope this letter does not percolate feelings of anxiety that may deter thy holy quest. But rather that its meaning be revealed as the gods see fit, that I may once again be given to a hero’s rest.

Journey Well, my friends,

Ley-Rhy of Moonfast

Letter written by Ley-Rhy the Scholar Monk sometime during the later month of Grekar, and hand delivered to CrIsis by a fairy courier, Botumfullerton “Bo-two” Gingerzalea, who definitely did not come straight way as the letter’s envelope is riddled with some sticky sugary substance.


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  • Poor Larry, not only did he not get his rest, he didn’t get any respect either…

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