End of the Nightmare

The scroll sat there untouched for years upon years. He reached for it. With the gentlest touch, the hairs on his body shot up at the realization that this could be his quarry. His horned friend stood a distance away, yet a hooded figure stood over the man watching in silence. He snatched up the scroll and clutched it to his chest. “Good,” the figure whispered. The man turned to his friend. Without saying a word, the Minotaur swooped the man up and tossed him on his back. The man knew that he wouldn’t be able to fight this alone. He warned his friend of the temptations he was feeling. The Minotaur nodded his head in understanding.. The collapse of the cave was a blur in his mind as he could only focus on the new object of his obsession. Looking up he saw desert now before him. His foe is seen on the edge of the horizon. He opens the scroll and quietly reads to himself. After reading a few lines his eyes widen at his discovery. There will be no rest for this man.

Picture by Facsimile Editions.

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