End Of The Road

Path to the Grave

It happened again. I was glad I had some preparation this time. Through long thought and deductive reasoning I put two and two together. It was my friends’ comments that clued me in to what was wrong. People complained constantly of Tyvernos’ behavior. It took me a while to see what they were talking about but then I saw that he wasn’t himself. The scepter that he was carrying confirmed it even more when it shot out of his hand as he approached the magic circle. So with that I made a plan and talked with the group. I must have been too worried about losing my friend Tyvernos. We have lost so many in the recent past that I couldn’t take the heartache. Flashbacks of Cava’s ordeal filled my mind and before I knew it we were standing before the Thoth and Horus. They were encouraging a discussion between Cava, Nath and some guy aptly named Guy. They talked for a while, but the escape of Tyvernos continued to weigh heavily on my mind. There were also three new people who joined us that day. I have not had much time to get to know them yet. I do not have the heart after how fast we have lost new members to the hardships of our burden. I am sure they are great people, but it takes a toll on me to grow attached to them only to have them grow weary and ask for a release from this quest. As the gods got ready to take Nath and Guy away due to them only being their for what I could assume was a morale booster for Cava, Thoth asked where we would like to be sent. Overkill stated that he would like us to go to Bizantium to search for the now fugitive Tyvernos, who had stolen the finger of Osiris. This was like searching for a needle in a hay stack. So we sat there contemplating ideas. Then it hit me. Out of nowhere the best thing for the situation appeared in my mind. We needed to see our friend Greminor. I explained my idea to the group and they agreed. Within moments we were in the King’s. chamber. There was an important meeting going on, but King Avramson made time for us. In fact he was most kind to us. We owe him so much! The gods do not have a more faithful lay servant than him. With that I have no doubt. It is this reason that I would like to one day own a humble home in his kingdom. A King like him would make a great leader to be under, but alas my home is elsewhere and I cannot give up on my people even though they have turned their backs on me. I fear that this will be the last time I see my great friend while I yet live. It is this reason that I will try to spend some time with him and my family. I fear that it has been set in motion, the countdown to my return to the battle in the heavens. I only hope that I have made this world a better place. Alas I return from my digress. We made straight to Greminor’s shop the next day when he returned to town. As soon as he did, we greeted him as his shop. We were met by Tim the friendly neighborhood Baal-Rog. I was startled at first, but remembered catching a glimpse of him once before. So if Greminor trusted him, then I would for now. So with a bit of convincing we were able to summon Tyvernos using his true name and subdue him quite quickly without much harm coming to him. After some time and tests, we were able to confirm that Tyvernos was his old normal self. I was right. I am so glad to have my old friend back. Alas my impending doom weighs heavy on my heart. It is now time to make right with my God, my family, and the needy of the world. I hope that my faith has not proved futile, but alas I do these works with a glad heart enjoying every smile from Sadie and all that the gods let me work for.

Posted by Gavin on the 13th of Thoth in the 9th Year of King Gedro.

Image from Carles Vilarrasa.

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