Captain Xerx’ses-

I regret to inform you that we have been betrayed by the witch Fala, who has complete control over most of Bizantium! She has King Wilgan under some sort of spell- he manages single words of agreement, or simple statements such as “They must be slain.” Only the Shadow Coast holds out!

Some of the people of Sinza escaped, and some had already joined the Shadow Coast rebellion. Unfortunately, my husband, Duke Minischmee, has been imprisoned. Many of the dwarves have been enslaved, working to produce weapons to be used by Fala. I am free, but trapped on the Pyramid. I had come here to give my weekly prayer with the Priestess of Isis, Overkill and Mini’s cousin, Cora Glandar. We are safe, and provided food, as the King and Queen fear Godly reprisals, but I know I would join my husband in jail if I left the Pyramid.

I also write to warn you- a heavy price has been placed on CrIsis’ head. You are wanted for slaying the King, and piracy, and other charges that frankly make me laugh- but a million Bizantium gold is worth a lot!!

I forwarded this to his holiness U’Selekma at Cora’s instructions.

Continue for the memory of Overkill, and for the love of Minischmee!

Be Careful everywhere- Slayers are in all Countries! Be especially wary if you venture North again. There is danger anywhere here except the two Pyramids themselves!

You will find people loyal to you in the Shadow Colonies- but be wary of double agents. Bizantium has blockaded the bay, so you will have to find your way through the Northern Hinterlands.

Let me know if I can be of assistance, what little I can I offer to you.

Sent by the former Duchess of Bizantium, Priestess of Isis, Cristine Vega on the 16th of Grekar, in what should be the 2nd year of King Minischmee.


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