Etrinus Fortem

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Brother Malkin, chronicler.
| At the Library of Bletherad.

Good Master Chronicler of Light,

I would like to apologize if any of this missive sounds gloomy, but writing you allows me time to collect my thoughts, reflect, ponder ideas out-loud as it were. T’would appear I owe my thanks to the Office of the Golden Key in the Church of Light. Apparently, this is the branch of the church said to open doors and opportunities to the less fortunate regardless if they are light or dark worshipers. I think is it awesome that a Titan whom rules over the city of Basst somewhere in the great and grand Timiro Kingdom. Made it possible for him to have clothing and various apparel when I forgot to leave him any.


Talk about being distracted by my chance to meet with King Guy, first of his name. Granted that meeting was back on the 27th of Gryphon when Magos had revealed some of its power to me after claiming “her” from another mage trying to kill me in the name of the Dark. I am curious if your “Spellborn” creation slaps you and calls you, "… as smart as Cyclops Spider food." Are you arguing with yourself, or is it gaining an identity and hopefully a soul to last after the spell ends? I am kind of an annoying brat sometimes it would appear. Please allow me to apologize again because I want to knock “Spellborn” of his little step stool of indignation about forgetting I have no spare clothing left in my room. His Hooman form seems to be a younger version of mine and would appear to have caught the eye of Mistress Annie as more than once I these last five days they have brought me food together as I try and study this spell to Expell Deevils & Demons.

Xerx’ses, you are getting distracted by youthful exuberance.

But Callandor, why is he so cheerful and annoying?!?!

Because he is sleeping with Mistress Annenwen and has that dumb look Master Overkill always had after fornicating with “whomever”.

Wait, what? Why would mating ritual practice make you stupid, it just made me sleepy.

Did you really just call it that? I’m done, just go pay for a girl till you figure it out. “Mating Ritual Practice!” Clearly, either she wasn’t that good or you’re just that dense.

Now whose being a brat? Fine, I have other topics to wax ink upon other than some repressed side of my “ID” coming out in a version of me without my responsibilities. You can stow the shocked imagery, I heard the word ID from Master Azariel. And yes, he explained what it means to me. Fricking, Rune Weapons!!! Wait! Is my annoyance bleeding over and making you annoyed with me? Fantastic, neither of us actually know whom was angry first. Yes, yes, just ignore it and endure the emotion for it to shall pass.

Okay back on the 27th of Gryphon our first meeting with the King did not go so well according to my hopeful expectations after handing over the Gantrium Ring and Uraeus’ Fang! He did give us the chance for a public ceremony on the 28th of Gryphon to commemorate the fallen members of CrIsis. I had borrowed a potion from the Lady Torchwood that allowed me to sing. I heard about it during the Lopanic Games and I was looking through the songbook in my cabin on the way over here. I am hearing it refereed to now as “The Golden Goodbye.” Not what I was expecting, nor that all the elves seem to know the song! Just happy I did not screw it up to badly. I wish it didn’t herald the death of Lord Raulf after we managed to get the Lawgiver’s Lung into the Pyramid at Credia. ReSet had attempted a dialog with us but I just smelled a poorly laid trap. My suspicions were proven true on the 5th of Grekar when they attacked us on the dock and killed Lord Raulf. In my anger I unleashed as much of my mystical might in golden lightning down upon the docks where I knew those dark souls had once stood in the blizzard. Another Wolfen mage that focused on cold magic had started it but after the lighting all of them were now gone and the blizzard with them.

We were escorted to the the bravest king I have ever met! Once again by 20 royal guardsmen that had rushed to aid us. A general of the army was among them though I got his rank wrong which offended him even though he tried to hide it. I am trying to hide my anger lest it ruin all of the work I am doing to try and show many races “CAN” live in peace.I think I have come to terms that to be the ambassador of my people means my feelings, wants, and desires will never come first. This was the primary reason I created Kom’var so a part of me could have a life I knew would not be mine.

Etrinus Fortem = Dwarven for Endure Forever.

I know it sounds like I apologize a lot but I’m sorry for pestering you. How is life at the Library of Bletherad? How has it changed since the arrival of a Pyramid? Is Brother Rrrgggrlph (I’m sure I spelled it wrong) doing well? Have you read any new books that piqued your interest that have NOTHING to do with us band of misfits? Master Jershon was telling me about hot tea options for going north that help prevent illness if taken regularly. Not fool proof but should help reduce the risk of illness. I know you can’t reply but maybe we could chat for a bit when we arrive. I am enjoying the idea of wandering the library for a bit. Oh I have four books and I was hoping if I can still request the ‘Silver Skull of Arhaleg Hescu’ be added to the library so his spirit can rest amongst the world’s great library. To sweeten the pot I will give you two of them and let you copy the other two. That and some scrolls I can’t get to – yet may be The scrolls in question belong to Master Overkill stowed away in his chest talking about the days of Callandor’s creation. I am not sure yet how to get it open, but once I do they can go to the library. This paltry sum maybe all that I can give the library regarding the thousands of books lost from my tribe.

Now back to the second meeting with King Guy, first of his name, and my newfound homeland as a citizen of the great and grand Timiro Kingdom. Just before we were escorted to the King a new member of CrIsis appeared which made me begin to accept what had happened to Lord Raulf. He is a were-bear named, Ursus. I think playing him off as a druid in the books will likely be easy given Master-Sister Caminata’s proclivity for that form. Also Master Burlap was brought back briefly for our time in Credia as was the “Man I Never Met” from the dragon battle. T’would appear he survived and is now a part of the Holy Misfits of Light, errr I mean CrIsis! After the battle Master Burlap left and Mistress Hannah did a ballet for the guards. Okay, can you tell a lot happened? I have had a lot of death to deal with and my thoughts are about as jumbled at the sequence of events here in this missive. Apparently Ursus normally goes naked in the wilderness he is from and was asked to dress before meeting the great King Guy.

I know I am going on about King Guy but he sent guards to try and protect us, and since I have joined only Empress Jesslyn has done this. I don’t count church guards because the motivation is different. Lopan and Timiro are the only to governments to support us openly. I feel Avramstown truly loves CrIsis but they are beholden to a larger nation that now is embroiled in a war with another nation, which can compromise their agenda. King Guy has abolished slavery and made those slaves citizens. Now there is still a class structure to society but this is a HUGE step!!!!!! The following morning on the 6th of Grekar, he publicly declared his stance for the light and CrIsis making us all citizens of Timiro should each of us wish it officially and honorary otherwise.

I accepted, I can walk in Timiro now in my normal form! This is a huge first step in proving Minotaurs can be good and that walking in the light is a choice we all make!!!!

Even more back on the 5th of Grekar, he allowed us one of his private chambers to have our “Fireside Chat”. Before that – same day though – he threw us a banquet and we were able to mingle nobles. I spoke to three mages trained in Basst, two nobles from the eastern part of the kingdom, and more that I did not keep track of. The night of the 5th I kept Ursus in my room with me so he could change safely, while the rest of everyone visited with Lady Ondemeira of Torchwood.

By the night of the 6th we were all back aboard Rogtilda, with the extra pigs King Guy sent with us to feed Ursus. Might I add his appetite far exceeds my own!!! Blizzards (fricking Frost Wizards) kept us in dock until the 8th of Grekar we left under a light – COLD – rain. It would seem people that encounter Faeries fear their pranks. Apparently the “Man I Never Met” or No Name as he prefers since he has memory loss regarding parts of his past. No Name was now the current victim of Mistress Hannah’s more playful endeavors. Father Indaris becomes involved with removing the curse at least once and apparently, No Name, has a ghostly familliar named: Tobi. I am not sure what to make of him though.

It would appear more than a few of the crew are practicing parts of the mating rites with either CrIsis or Kom’var. I checked on Honeysuckle tonight whom is coming along on her pregnancy. I made sure Jershon knew I wanted her on light duty unless combat hit the ship.

I know I can see with no light, however, seeing the wax drip low is a good indicator for sleep. Mistress Annie promises a meal for Father Indaris’ birthday tomorrow. Sadly, this is the best we can do for this noble man on his naming day. Good night Master Chronicler of Light.

Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
War Wizard of CrIsis,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, written at night upon the 12th of Grekar, 71st Year of the Wolfen Empire, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 344 year of the Dominion of Man, and 24th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

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  • I hope the chronological order seems jumpy because the grief Xerx’ses is feeling currently, is screwing with his sense of time.

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