Faeries, Ogres, Dwarves. Oh My!

They’re Magically Delicious


Hows it going? I hope that you still have the Red Beard in good shape. It would seem that my mission for the gods is going to take longer than I thought. Already we have lost some and gained some. I am so far in the south now that nothing is recognizable. I dropped the ruse of being called Goose and picked up the art of being a slave owner. Now before you get your panties in a bunch and think that I have turned traitor to the cause of liberation I want to say in my own defense that I am attempting to teach a lesson to my fellows that not all slave owners are bad and that freeing slaves isn’t always the answer. We have bought and then freed them but that was just chaos.

At any rate I have picked up a pretty little thing named Mary. She cooks and cleans and I pay her for her service. I am treating our agreement with care as she is now not a slave but merely an indentured servant. She’ll be released and returned to her village when the debt is payed. Secretly I really have grown fond of her and plan to return her money to her as a dowry so she has money to start her new life. She will make a fine wife. I hope that she would choose to stay.

I see the cranks in your head, you think I have grown soft. Well you can stop that right now! At any rate, my beard has started to silver and some guys shaved my head (and when I find them they are in so much trouble), so I look a little different then you have seen me in the past.

Recently we were at Ac getting leads on some nut job that is making my job harder by stealing the Tongue of Osiris. After doing some recon we discovered that they were cutting across some Kobold Road (a cursed road) so instead of following the road (like I thought we would) we went into the forest to find the faerie king (wasn’t my idea believe me). Of course the first thing we do when we do find them is watch as I become the spectacle of their entertainment. The mischievous little cretins got the drop on us and after a little fun on the dwarf we were able to see the king.

Turned out there was no king. You heard me right, no king. Those pranksters made a puppet for their amusement and attempted to trick us. They even got us to bow to it. Really? Really! It was I that pointed out their ruse but I must say that they did a nice job and after getting to know some fairies I don’t think them half bad. We partied all night, I got wasted but the hangover wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I am going to miss those buggers all mixed in my beard naked and their work at braiding it with flowers. Mary would have liked to have seen my relaxed demeanor.

Well then we did some more running around and got pointed to a water nymph (a merrow) and let me say that I would do her until next Tuesday over and over if you know what I mean. Why do creatures of nature have to be so good looking? She points us to some flowers that she needed and the flowers turn out to be growing next to a dragon! Bata-boom bata-bing, one thing leads to another and we are again richer than some of the lords in Bizantium.

Adventuring has its perks. Anyway, well we get back on track for the hunt of that nut job, whats his name, and his merry men, find his hideout and start the killing. After a few of them drop turns out the kid that has been harping on freeing the slaves was a general and that some of the slave stock in this hideout are friends of his (I really need to find out how old he is exactly). So the slaying stops for a while. I am especially put off by the fact that some of the slaves are dwarves. It turns out that this operation is a mining operation. I do not know what he is looking for but perhaps an armed revolt will stop his work on both the topside and here in the pits.

At any rate, best be keeping the Red Beard in good shape. I will return to take it back when the time is right. Things might change but not by much.

Posted by Overkill on the 22nd day of Majestic, in the 22nd year of King Bafag.

Dragon picture courtesy of Wallpapergate

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