First Appearance of Osiris

CrIsis Meets the Reason For Their Existence

Speech given by Osiris to CrIsis and U’Selekma on Od 4. Osiris appears to them as a ghostly specter, with only his Ribs, Heart, Tongue, Right Femur, and Right Hand looking as if it was physically there.

CrIsis, my trusted ones, and U’Selekma, protector and believer, I am getting stronger! I can finally appear to you, at least in a semi-material state, and give you some wisdom, as well as some thanks.

The stakes you face are higher than ever, and yet you do not use the strength that has been given you, and by so doing, weaken myself! The Pieces of Me that you hold must be used!! By their use, when returned to me they are stronger! I cannot finish this month watching over you- this will drain me. If you use the pieces they will have more strength for me to draw on when you bring them to a Pyramid.

Also, as you see, I am hardly complete. You must deliver the Pieces of My Body to the correct Pyramids so that I can be made whole. Even if you use the Parts, I need more of them!

You should also know that the Blade that struck me down is now on this plane, or at least some of its essence! The holder of the Blade of Anubis can do two things which should trouble you greatly. First it can act like my Right Index Finger and direct someone to a Piece, but not at the same range. The other capability that should concern you is that it can track down anyone holding a Piece that teleports! It seems to sense them clearer on the astral/magical planes. Of course, I do not need to mention that it would come close to matching Oathbringer in damage dealing, and has some diabolical powers.

I must thank you all. U’Selekma, the wisdom that you have given Indaris, and all of your charges. You have served both sides of the Church well in the past, and now that you have been forced to choose sides we are all blessed that you chose the Light!

CrIsis, you are not possibly aware of the debt I have to you. Know that I, and all of the Gods of Light, truly believe in you all! Each of you were specifically chosen for this task, and have served well. You must, however, do a better job at limiting the deaths of those that help you- do not leave them behind, as you just did on the Isle of the Cyclops! It is not our way to toss away good people like pawns, for that is the way of the Dark.

Have faith, and be shining examples of Light! I look forward to seeing you all when I am whole!

With that, the God Osiris faded away from sight.

Picture by the great Janice Duke.

2 Responses to “First Appearance of Osiris

  • My entire log hinges on the “1” I rolled on my horror factor check seeing him. However, it made for awesome character development.

  • That admonishment changed a great deal of my story arc. A powerful missive indeed.

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