Fool’s Errand

The Reaper woke up from what seemed like a dream. They were all in a familiar metal contraption. He starts messing with levers until he feels a vibration in his pocket. He reaches inside and touches a coin. His mind fills with memories of driving this device even though he had not. He swings around instinctively and smashes the glass that says, “In Case of Emergency” and pulls out the captain’s hat and pipe. He whirls back around and starts sending commands to his crew. They slowly balance out and make their way to land.

Once upon land they made their way toward the path set before them. After some time they made their way towards a forest path. The dwarf challenged Heebo to a flex off. They prepared with a pre-flex competition oil and rub down. There was oil everywhere. After the end though Heebo proved to be the superior flexer and won with a unanimous decision. Thus, Torrun took on Ursus in a drinking contest, but one drop felled the dwarf. The bear man was floored too. The group was distracted by another’s mental problem. That was when the man with No Name spotted the spies. He quickly captured one and executed it over Ursus in honor of their god. He laughed at this. The others took notice, but were preoccupied so he slaughtered all the spies and made them so that they would aid him in weeding out other agents. His group suddenly began turning on him, but he knew. He headed into the forest and covered his tracks. It was interesting to see several rabbits take down a bear. Such a sight has never been seen. He returned with these helpers in hand. His comrades cornered him claiming he was crazy. Then the foe chose to truly reveal himself. Who was the fool now?



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4 Responses to “Fool’s Errand

  • Loved tying in Ratel to the evil animals- very cool.

    • Ratel arrived angry that No Name had killed his animal spies. The worst insanities are the ones that become justified.

  • Yep, Guest GM played into the psychosis very well…if I do say so myself…

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