Forest Has No Frolic

A Vequerrel Update


Thank you very much for your letter. I understand a little better why you joined CrIsis, even though I do not like it. I felt that you should know what is happening in the Vequerrel Woodlands, where I now am, trying to make a difference.

The Western Empire and Middle Kingdoms soldiers have withdrawn, pulled out to deal with their own war. This does not mean that there has not been other battles. Forces of Chaos, of the Old Ones have been attacking places of power and magic, led until recently by one who calls himself Dispater.

I said until recently. This week a band led by him kidnapped a friend of the forest, Mother Ashassa, and her extensive home and library. They also kidnapped many faeries.

I fear that this is for some terrible magic, and that the Vequerrel may be the site of the return of the Old Ones! The leader and our greatest protector, Sallowan is convinced of it.

There have been no recent sightings of former CrIsis members, Burlap and Caminata. They were part of a group of reinforcements trying to protect the good Priestess Ashassa. The one named Bungo said that the Gods of Light called him to a Pyramid. I do not know if the other two were similarly called.

Sorry I could not bring you any good news. We are gathering all to defend the Woodlands, preparing for war and waiting.

Be Safe Yourself- I am Attempting the Same-
Your Mother

Sent to Hannah through U’Selekma on the 6th of Corg.

Picture of Ash by Vessel.
Picture of the Wraith by our own AZ Rune


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