Forward To Bizantium

Escape From Northolme


I am on my way to Bizantium. I have had my shop attacked by Dwarflings three times, the keep burned to the ground and several failed assassination attempts on our lives. Already three women and four Dwarven children have lost their lives because of mistaken identity. I am fully aware that Bizantium is at war with herself but I feel that your home will be safer than Northolme right now. Your Daughter and I are halfway to Iron Sea. I took the last bit of money that I had and some generously donated by your clansmen and am going to make the trip. As I recall you have fans in Iron Sea and perhaps will be willing to help me and our little red head on our journey.

My guide had strongly advised against our adventure through the Wolfen Empire, but I am sure that you being an honored member of several tribes and having a friend of CrIsis who was from that town (what was his name Greld… something. You know the guy. We sailed with him). I am sure that I will remember when we get there. I have faith that Isis will guide us and that my angelic companion will finally get a break from constantly being assaulted on my behalf. I have kept to my native language to insure that the Wolfen are kind to me. My knowledge of Eastern has made some people skittish and I do not want to endanger my other traveling companions.
Of my traveling companions, fourteen are clansmen of Redbeard though not of your house. There are times where I am certain that we are being followed but I have Little Killer with me and keep my weapon close.

At night by the fire I sing to your little girl some of the old Dwarven hymns that my father used to sing and already she has said her first word and started teething. She reminds me so much of you that it is hard to keep from crying at night while I stroke her soft fire locks. Her hair is short but it’s growing fast.

I pray that you have been safe. I still go by the name Martyr and your little girl now goes by the name of Fyre. She has shown some bit of intuition and at times has hiccuped before danger has arrived. That is what has kept us alive and aware of danger (that and our guardian).
Among our other traveling companions are humans, whom I like you do not trust. Your clansmen stay close to insure that Dwarveling assassins are not part of the party (filthy changlings). I fear that we are being persuaded so I am keeping this short.

Write back. I have not heard from you in a while.


Sent on the 21st of Ra, in the 1st year of King Minischmee.

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