Free Willy

Hey Pete,

This is Kevin! I was on leave after dropping of our shipment in Bizantium City when I decided to check out this local concert. It was massive and put on sponsored by the King himself. The turn out was small because the groups were not heard of, but the music was fun and kingly as expected. Then after a band finished fog filled the arena. Lightning bolts cracked from the stage and a sound of loud screeching the likes of which I have never heard sprang fourth. The fog cleared to reveal two gnomes swooping down on eagles one a female singing and the other a male with a guitar making the screeching sounds. Behind them, drums were played like I have never heard before. This music it is not of this world. It is so different yet so amazing! I am not sure how they did it, but I am sold! Go check out Free Willy! They played so many different songs and titles. It made my favorite groups sound slow and dull. I do not think I can go back. I heard rumors that they were playing to somehow get their music out to everyone in every house. I am not sure how this will work, but if I can afford it, it would make my trips better. Anyhow, hope to be home soon in Sekti-Abtu.

Your Buddy,

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3 Responses to “Free Willy

  • Great job! Love these styles of Campaign Logs!

  • As if Willy needs to be even more free…

  • Spread the word Kevin! Better yet, Kevin and Pete should get a Volkswagon Van Small Boat and follow Willy around the world, attending all his concerts!

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