I don’t think my parents were religious. At least, they weren’t around me.

We offered no oblations, observed no holy days, nor visited any altars.

Whenever I asked my parents why we never sought the blessings of the gods like my friends did, they would just smile and tell me that we already had all the divine blessings one could ever ask of a god, and that one day I would understand.

I understand now, of course, and it sickens me.

At any rate, I didn’t grow up worshiping a god.

I’m not sure I even believed in the gods until the day I first met The Lady.

An angry ball of raw hatred looking for someone to fight or an excuse to die, I had taken to wandering the wilds of the Eastern Territories and ambushing highwaymen as a means of both supporting my meager lifestyle and satisfying my bloodlust.

My parents… and Rivatha

My beautiful Rivatha, the love of my life

Tortured to death in front of my eyes as I lay bound.


Unable to stop the horrific scene that now played out continuously before my eyes whether I was asleep or awake.

And I burned.

And the burning became a fever, rich with anguish and full of delirium. I could not tell fantasy from reality, and I welcomed the confusion as it was a relief from the dispair.

And thus I wandered the forests of the East, unknowing and uncaring whither I went, driven by a fire I did not understand, when I came upon two personages, dressed all in white, who obscured their faces from me.

“Some few of the others remain unconvinced. He has been marked deeply,” said the One to His companion, “the darkness within him is vast, but the axe would have no other.”

“He is strong,” She replied, “and I will Cleanse him. When he is ready, you will withdraw the shadow from your fist and my fury, and we will never ask for a more willing servant.”

She stretched out Her hand, and placed it on my forehead. “Now you must sleep, little one. We must see to your education.”

Immediately, the fever abated, and my eyes lost all focus.

I see now in Xerx’ses eyes the beginnings of the same madness that took me, and my heart is moved.

Oh my Lady Isis, protect us from the dark. Reach forth thy healing hand, and sooth the brow of my poor brother. Ease his pain and blunt his sorrow, even as thou hast done for me.

Even as thou continuest to do for me.

Once, I did not believe in the gods.
Now, I believe in the Light.
And we must trust in the Light now more than ever.

Mused upon by Cava on 26 Thoth, Dominion 342.

Picture of Isis by Jonathon Bowser.

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