Golden Sacrifice

Now I must carry on for the Oathkeeper, and for all of Palladium.

They say the Gods work in mysterious ways but how many can say they had a god sacrifice everything for them?

We left Nimaya upon the delta of the river as it touched the northern sea, bordering the tribal land of the Joruuth Barbarians and the Shadow Colonies. I am reminded of how Xerx’ses finally started to lead by following. I feel so bad for not trying to understand him more now that I am now beginning to understand what he was going through. I am too late now to understand, we are all too late to understand him now.

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, the Oathkeeper, is gone.

There have been times a member of CrIsis would come to the aid of another member, however, I am in battle fatigue and don’t remember if a single member of CrIsis ever came to the aid of EVERYONE else?! Much less around a 1,000 or so people fleeing that TK Sphere and its nightmarish paradise within.

Ursus owes him his life, and in fact we all do. With his divine flight he saved Ursus from certain death and then used his bear form in its coma healing slumber to destroy the Utu temple! Because it wasn’t magic it could not harm our bear and the lug still had a noteworthy effect in the fight. Turns out the Great Tree of Life was right about his survival. Though it did not promise he would learn why he would survive a battle. One father to another he thought of him before himself, as any Paladin should.

Others will talk about the raid and how Dirk and the Warden of Light, Jidian Kulder joined us to raid the Necromantic Scion of UtuTerosh. But what may get missed is his dreams about hearing people all over the world say his name and the next nine words. Others will write about the Joruuth and how Silent Dream, Apis’ Luminary tried to calm everyone down, but no one will write about how Xerx’ses backed his friend when he did not grasp the whole situation but was trying to have others shine and raise them to his level in the light among the pantheon.

Even more will Nimaya remember how I pointed out the times Silent Dream tried to make right his mistake and then extolled his virtues to the point her previous flame for him re-kindled and eclipse the fleeting feelings she had for Xerx’ses. But they may not remember it was Xerx’ses that told me what to say and how to say it. I have even tried to explain the miscommunication Xerx’ses’ second had in the Tri-Arcanum Magic Guild regarding merely voicing a quandary out loud so if he had to modify his memory for a needed skill he would have notes to refer back to.

People forget he uncovered the Metamorphosis: Undead spell to have us all help the man with No Name, and were it not for that ritual spell we would have never been able to enter undetected. His goodwill and care of others even engendered a boon by Master Wesvon. Scrolls were provided aiding us in making the journey from the Guppy into the watery entrance of the Sovereignty of Terosh.

I must be the one to carry on his selfless dedication to our quest. He told me before walking over to Silent Dream for the final time as Ursus was laid at my feet.

“Its my hope this spell can save everyone, just tell everyone to stand in the light holding on to each other and no darkness can win.”

Xerx’ses hands Silent-Dream Osiris’ Right Index Finger with a teleport scroll he made wrapped around it. Another CrIsis member has Osiris’ Left Eye, and I believe it is Grignak. As Xerx’ses takes Silent-Dream’s hands within one of his (3 fingers & a thumb) gauntlet clad hands, “Little Fox I’m proof that even the Gods aren’t perfect. My dear friend please forgive my ignorance and trespasses against you and No Name. Take this, and it can send all of you and the Guppy to Nimaya.”

Xerx’ses eyes begin to glow with wisps of golden arcane power drifting away to the sides, “Our struggle effects a thousand worlds. It’s bigger than all of us, but let this act remind you that I have never forgotten to try and save everyone.”

He takes a few steps back letting go of Silent-Dream, “Remember the Joruuth, I trusted you and followed your lead. Speak up more my friend.”

He begins to glow like a small sun, he rises up high in this inner chamber. The whole place begins to quake and tremble as though the bubble of psychic energy is crumbling! It feels as though the entire northern sea is about to come rushing in and destroy it and all inside!

Arms outstretched, beams of light shoot out from the Golden Minotaur’s hands covering everything in a glowing, golden aura! Even the river of blood becomes molten gold! He speaks and his voice is otherworldly for the first time, “I cannot hold this forever! Everyone of you must flee or die this is your only chance at freedom and survival!”

As we fled the city Jidian could sense no evil from anyone else fleeing. Only fleeting traces from those crushed by buildings, or up heaved landscape. As though Xerx’ses aura was making sure the wicked was punished and the innocent could flee! Permanently destroyed was the portal to Utu’s realm!

As we all look back seeing everything and everyone running from the Sovereignty of Terosh appeared to be bathed in golden light! Xerx’ses is no where to be seen and yet I can feel him everywhere!

Remember that if nothing else as the golden light of his soul bathes you all in a second chance.

Blessings upon thee all,

Indaris, the Seeker of Light

Sent to Pontiff U’Selekma, Master Wesvon, King Guy, as verbal and Father Philip as one written message upon fleeing from the Sovereignty of Terosh. Indaris is unsure about whether the date is the 20th or 21st of Corg.

Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at:


7 Responses to “Golden Sacrifice

  • I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!
    This is so heartfelt and touching, its clear this will affect the character for some time.

  • It’s clear Xerx’ses meant a lot to Indaris. I hope this doesn’t drive him further away (emotionally) from the rest of CrIsis.

  • He will probably need some help to bear it. Losing a friend and a deific being of the pantheon at the same time would be a hell of a shock.

  • Don’t worry Indaris, many of us will soon be able to “…carry on for the Oathkeeper, and for all of Palladium.” Amazing that the words of AZ_RUNE have been quoted by so many in their logs. Great words deserve to be repeated.

  • Mega, Indaris!

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