Great Golden Warrior of The Lawgiver

What does the future hold?

Great Golden Warrior of the Lawgiver

His Holiness has borne upon me your urge to address your concerns of your immortal soul and your continuing role in the Church after your most holy quest is complete.

It would serve HIM to assist a Warrior of the Lawgiver in this matter. I have followed your Quest closely and await the return of our Lord. It also serves The Clan in its efforts. You will continue to have safe harbor in Marmana. Submit your apprehensions and queries to me through the usual channels and I will give great effort to alleviate your trepidation.

May the light of Isis protect you ALL.

High Priest of the Lawgiver Nulendar

Letter sent on the morning of the 30th of Thoth in the 3rd year of King Guy.

Art by AZ_Rune.




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