Great Ra!!!

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Brother Malkin.
| At the at the Library of Bletherad.

Dear Master Chronicler of Light,

Fleet Feet Spell re-Cast

Late last evening on the 12th of Grekar two small hands covered my mouth. I have taken to sleeping outside the chapel door on Rogtilda, compelled to make sure this room suffers no malice – accidental or otherwise. I know this is part of the “Spellborn Rules” I must obey as deemed by my “Creator.” My eyes open as sweet Annie’s form straddles my chest. Before I could mention about changing into a Hooman shape I gazed into dark azure pools of age and motherly, not mating determination. She wasn’t wearing her eye patch, so yes, both eyes were glaring into my soul with the fury of heated metal!

“This is not a pleasure visit, darling. You want to know why you had no emotions with those memories, then change forms and follow me while you get dressed.”

Without waiting for a reply her nimble form leaped into a standing position the look shot back at me was “THIS IS NOT A DEBATE.” A few grains of the hourglass later we were on the upper deck but the sounds echoed before we crested the wheelhouse.

“. . . I didn’t want to risk everyone else in the docks! You saw those buildings! . . . I didn’t think he’d run to the Dragon!

. . . If I could have only figured out the spell sooner Lord Raulf would be alive and I would not have failed you my lord!

. . . I can’t save them and one by one they’re all going to die!”

Great Ra!!! I had no idea how much guilt he carries around him. I thought he was being distant and uncaring, but this . . .

“This is not a noble’s yacht. You, get back to the kitchens and make sure the breakfast and cake are done. AND YOU! Don’t you dare get one bright idea about talking to the “Golden One” about this! I have never seen a mage treat a created piece of magic as anything other than a tool or slave. Even if they think they are being benevolent like warlocks. Yet within the confines of this vessel you have been given complete autonomy. Be Ra-DAMN happy your “Creator” is a good man. Go back to your sleep area and don’t let me see either of you two till your shifts start!”

Neither of us heard Jershon approach! Tapping his mace against his shoulder we vanished like the mist on morning tide till it was just after dawn on the 13th of Grekar. When I awoke one of my knives had been used to stab a chuck of bread and sausage to the wall. There was a bowl of stew but the real message of just eat and do my job was clearly understood.

I was not at the party for Father Indaris because Jershon was convinced I would start asking “My Creator” about how he feels. I was assigned to bilge pumping duty today because I change into a short Hooman and my Fleet Feet spell. Today made it feel like the bilge was my straights of hell, YUCK! I may not be able to talk to my “Creator,” however, I can certainly ease up feeling like he is forgetting me. While Jershon is mad at me for spying on the captain he said if someone else pissed him off he’d push them overboard and let me go swimming after them. It was indeed one of the nicer things ever said to me by the crew of the ship. I was going to empty the pales when I saw the good father getting ready to enter to his surprise party at morning breakfast. Just then a Magic Pigeon spell arrives for him. I was happy to see this message brought glad tidings. It seems all of CrIsis appears to have been put through the rolling pins of hardships in life. Hmm, seems I am using Annie’s cooking analogies now.

Bells began to ring after I got back below deck. the party had been going for a few hours and and I heard Eyes yelling, “SHIP OFF THE PORT SIDE!” I watched knowing that since CrIsis was on board I was to stay safe. I have to believe my “Creator” wants me to survive the spell’s duration when it ends and that means staying alive for 16 more years to give me the best shot at this. Seeing catapults fire from what looks like an unmanned black sailed ship makes me think magic is at work here. My memories tell me that magical ship like Rogtilda are REALLY rare! Then I saw my “Creator” come out of the Foodfenhall where every one eats. Everyone else – myself included – was paralyzed in fear at the site of the black sailed, seemingly unmanned ship angling to ram us broad port side! Not our Captain, Xerx’ses, my maker stood there in his resplendent armor for but a second to see the ship that had cause everyone to shake with terror. As he bolted onto to the forward deck he drew Callandor at the same time as he started casting a spell. I know because I could feel the energy building being a wizard like him, just half his power.

The he did something the Catapult could not do! Only an Arch Mage could reach past the range of a catapult and CASCADE A SHIP IN SEVENTEEN LIGHTNING BOLTS!!!

Damnit I can feel the spell fading again, why always in comba….

WOW!!! Even among the cataplut fire he just cast it again. He has the power to destroy a SHIP with a single spell!!!!!!!!!


Kom’var Spellborn,
Wizard defender of Rogtilda

>> Written by Kom’var Spellborn, written upon the 13th of Grekar, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 71st Year of the Wolfen Empire, 344 year of the Dominion of Man, and 24th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

All art by AZ_RUNE.




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  • I enjoyed drawing the first pic of Annie without the eye patch (that is no longer really needed). I thought Jershon should be a bit more regal with his relatives being whom they are. I loved Brian Manning’s “Indaris” picture and used that as the base for this profile picture.

    This logo on Xerx’ses lapel is for the Tri-Arcanum Guild.

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