Greldarr’s First Day With Humans


osiris_1I waited for the two humans and dwarf in front of the Library this morning and let me tell you they’re not as heroic looking as I thought they would be but hey they are after all only human. I introduced myself and wouldn’t you know it the two humans, Chip and Bexx accepted me outright and the dwarf was very skeptical of me. Me a Wolfen?! What kind of thing is that my race is an honorable one even the most evil of us has a high regard for honor. These ideals these humans and dwarves have intrigue me.

The Goblins that are on my father’s lands were hard at first to get to understand, and they were resentful to us at first. Now they are the best armed, armored, and trained goblins anyone has ever met and they are grateful- they help protect our lands from human incursions and you’d be surprised how many humans have perished by their claws. Its easy 3 to 1 when before the goblins would need to outnumber the humans. I am proud my father taught our goblin brothers the way of the soldier.

I also wonder if we will run into one of my brothers or my sister who is stationed in the Eastern Territory where she harries the human invaders trying to slow their encroachment into our lands. All of these things sit in my mind as we searched the library and I heard my new companions tell their stories of their adventures in the library.

It seems at this point we either go seek a dragon a dead pirate, or a Temple of Osiris, located in Haven. Which considering I myself would have personally chosen the temple, after all I’m a chosen of Osiris. But the debate lasted long and hard was the talk and in the end we will seek the pirate. One of my companions argued to take the boat others to walk, I suggested Pegasus and Griffons but hey you know me I’ve always wanted to try flying. I remember that time I tried jumping out of a tree with cloth wings it was a good thing the tree wasn’t very tall.

I digress though so please forgive me. It seems that they had found information about a monkey like creature that betrays travelers to the dragon. This means that in a way we have to be more careful and I believe this would be the harder of the three quests but I believe cunning and guile will beat the dragon.

As far as the information about the pirate the fact he had a water mage or lock makes our travel inland more interesting. Also the fact he’s dead leaves me to believe that there might be more than a few undead which means my powers will more than level the playing field. Also with my keen hearing my tactical advantages will be a might greater. Also the information about the Nisi peninsula and the Obelisk should make things easier in our journeys to come.

Oh also I found an interesting recipe that describes a grenade like projectile made from Fire Sand. Hopefully somewhere in my journeys I will find some of this and get a huge amount in order for me to make such wonderful devices so I can try them out. Well I guess that is all for now.

Posted by Greldarr on the 7th day of Grekar in in the 67th year of the Wolfen Empire.

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