Gromeks And Gods

Overkill’s Shame


While I do not write replies to gods, I need to say this. He doesn’t know me. I worshiped Osiris and then Thoth. He might read about me and have seen me though his priests eyes I assure him that if Mary and my little girl is not returned to me UNHARMED that I am going to burn down every known temple of Bes that I see and show him what I was before Isis and Osiris asked me to be his scion. The eyes of those priests of Bes will see no more and blood will spill from their sockets.

Ok with that out of my system. We are finally out of that retched sink hole, my sores are finally healing (fascinating-GM does not remember that at all) and I am finally starting to get my strength back. The air is dry and starting to get hot. When we got out of the jungle we encountered (by Thoth we have seen a lot of gods) Yin Sloth’s god of war, Lopnel. He barked threats and his mighty stature was quite intimidating until Bast showed up and told him to leave us alone and that some of us were directly under her protection.

When they left these winged creatures called gromek who had been watching all of this came out of the sky and demanded that we pick a side for a war that we didn’t know existed. They then kill one of our companions for calling them fools. We were able to resurrect him and give him some water. Weak but determined we make a pact with these ruffians and start the trail to their kingdom.

These flying lizard men then escorted us down a narrow canyon (more of a crevace; once I get some time to recover I am going to rip those wings off and feed them to those lizards, well if there weren’t eight of them) all the while I am not feeling up to walking or taking orders. I wanted to kill them all but eight against a guy who has seen better days equals do what your told.

Any way, we came to a clearing and I had a strong impression (perhaps Thoth) that I should get my companions back on the path behind us when the dirt, dust, rocks and such take several forms of men. Our winged ‘guides’ take off to take care of a problem that we were unaware of (dragon). We didn’t find out until after vanquishing, ok beating, those bastards back into the ground they came from. Theres my noble talk again.

We did some experimenting and found that there was a summoning stone and decided not to take that path again. We exited and attempted to figure out a new path and began climbing the cliffs of the Baalgor mountains. It was while in the mountains that Cava’s slave came on to me and I thought it odd that an Elf would take interest in a Dwarf but Robert the Just would beat me for this and please do not tell Mary but I slept with her. The night with companionship was so warm and inviting (and let’s face it, I needed it). I could not help myself. She has been with us for only a week and in that time she has slept with all but her master Cava. Either he has a strong will or no interest. Shame too she is a real nice person.


Written by Overkill on the 24th of Ra the 1st year of King Minischmee.

Picture from Kirsi Salonen.

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