Gromhuran to Xerx’ses

Dear Minotaur,

I have taken your signature from an element of your fur so that only you can open this safely. I will explain why I fought along those that you freely subjugate yourself to, the Church of Light, and why I felt a debt was owed.

The one that led you near my lair, the one named Old Gregg, is a servant of mine. I protect him, he brings me people that hold unique items of Power so that my own Strength may grow.

Old Gregg spoke of your honor, your entire group. As I had a piece of hair from our exchange, I felt it necessary to say that you all treated me with the fear I deserve, but your kindness to him created a debt that is now repaid.

Do not think that this makes us friends or allies- you shall pay passage if ever you pass my way again.


Ancient Dragon picture from Sumerky


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