Grudging Respect

If You Do This, You Have My Blessing


If you do this thing, the killing of the Wraith, then you have my blessing. A few words of advice, though, first.

Never ever send a pigeon to anyone during battle. The person you are sending to may be engaged in a clandestine operation, and the pigeon may give that person’s location away!

Second, I know not how you knew of some of our Lost Brethren, but do not contact them ever again! They do not wish to be known to the world as of yet.

I also see that you sent a pigeon to the Duke of Llorn. His troops are to the south, and he is not personally at the battlefield. The pigeon will only circle above the Eastern location, causing the enemy to know where they are. Have the mage cancel it at once.

When you have the time after you have completed this, visit me in Avramstown so that I may teach you some things.

Invite me to your joining.


Hand Delivered by Wolfen Empire Scouts.


6 Responses to “Grudging Respect

  • “Whoops…My Bad…Hope the enemy didn’t find you…Glad you can come to the Bonding Ceremony!”

  • Well, Ursus wanted Tinor’s blessing and he got it… Just not exactly the blessing he was looking for, perhaps?

    • I was too tired last night – I just realized “Invite me to your joining” was the blessing he’d been waiting for!

  • It’s perfect and the most polite dress down ever, informative as well.

  • Is there a lesson to be learned from this example? Is there a service of some kind CrIsis can send their pigeons to, and that service then dispatches messengers?

    • The bigger question for me: is there a service we could trust to receive the messages, then assure delivery via a messenger we would approve of? We know this can’t be fun for the Pontiff to handle.

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