Hades Comes Forth

The End of Palladium Approaches?

Dear Apis’ Luminary

But now and then truth-speaking things
Shamed the angels’ veiling wings;
And shrilling from the solar course

I am glad you set me on this path of research, for I have discovered some troubling information- Hades is rising, as is Dyval. The information I have found place them entering Palladium much sooner than previously anticipated! This will be accelerated if the evil in the Middle Kingdoms is not stopped, for, well, even with the new Magic Eagle carrying I dare not say it.

I am going to consult with Lord Lictalon and his junior librarian, the irritating Rincewind. Most of all I will pray to Isis, and hope that you will defeat the Evil in the West.

May the Light protect you all!
Sent on the 10th of Thoth in the 72nd year of the Wolfen Empire.

Picture from Dilara.
Excerpt of poem from Ralph Waldo Emerson– Go read some poetry.


9 Responses to “Hades Comes Forth

  • His opinion of Rincewind was most amusing. Don’t hold back Malkin, tell us how you really feel!

  • Apparently we’re not the only ones who find Reensveend a little bit self important 🙂

  • Rincewind is the man!

    • Obviously some of your teammates disagree

  • Now for sure we know we are on the right path. Lady Dara is making this happen. She must die as equally as Lady Shara!

  • We, CrIsis, REALLY need to make a concerted effort to get our “friends” to do more research.

  • “But now and then, truth-speaking things
    Shamed the angels’ veiling wings;
    And, shrilling from the solar course,
    Or from fruit of chemic force,
    Procession of a soul in matter,
    Or the speeding change of water,
    Or out of the good of evil born,
    Came Uriel’s voice of cherub scorn,
    And a blush tinged the upper sky,
    And the gods shook, they knew not why.”

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